Hi, it’s moon148.

My taste in C-pop (mostly Mandopop) varies from appreciating alternative rock such as Buddha Jump to major fangirling over the mainstream such as Show Luo.


Here on “Just moon148” (wow, narcissistic much), moon148 posts various reviews and commentaries on the latest releases from the Chinese music industry, show recaps, and even the occasional film review. I’m still figuring it out, but I’m proud to join the C-entertainment community and spread some often lacking C-pop love. ❤

(Very rarely, I may cover stuff unrelated to C-entertainment. Again — still figuring stuff out here.)

In early 2015, the blog site “Just moon148” was created on a whim as a source of procrastination. Though it was initially intended to be a personal blog, as more and more posts rolled in, it was clear that there was no going back from the entertainment route.

Let me explain.

As a young child, instead of watching Disney or Nickelodeon, I grew up watching whatever shows or dramas my parents and grandparents were watching — Hunan TV’s Super GirlChinese Paladin, you name it. (Interestingly enough, I’ve actually never seen 喜羊羊 *gasps*.)

Similarly, I ended up listening to whatever my parents were tuned into — lots of Faye WongValen HsuPhil Chang, and of course, it feels like I was just birthed into listening to Jay Chou. At one point, I started exploring a lot of Chinese-language entertainment on my own, got sucked into the void of Taiwanese entertainment, fell into the void called being a JM, etc.

Strangely enough, it never occurred to me early on that my entertainment habits were vastly different from that of my peers. So when I finally had a blog of my own, it naturally became an outlet where I could spazz and fangirl all I wanted. Perhaps, to feel slightly better, in a more eloquent matter.