[NEWS] A-Mei, Hebe Tien, JJ Lin, Jam Hsiao and Yu Quan join “Battle of the Voice” 声音的战争

I haven’t done a post on the C-pop scene in, like, ages because I’m a trashy drama addict. So here goes.

The Chinese singing shows of the past season (Sing! China Season 1 The Voice of China Season 5  and King of Masked Singer Season 2) have unfortunately fallen flat for me, be it due to the weird format or general mediocrity. (Hey, even moon148 has her bad C-music days.)

But from the ashes there lies a promise — “Battle of the Voice”, an original singing show boasting a refreshing concept. Set for broadcast via Zhejiang TV starting Friday, November 4* — there are no eliminations, and singers choose to enter and leave the show as they please.

Supposedly this is to be a program where the “contestants” will “grow from start to end with everyone”, which could be an immense blessing or a fatal curse. Or both.

The consistency of the show lies within the so-called “judges”, A-listers who stay the entire season — Chinese duo Yu QuanJam HsiaoA-MeiHebe Tien, and JJ Lin. The show’s producers refused to reveal much detail regarding the show’s format, leaving but some cryptic words:

“Their roles are not that of judges or coaches, nor are they that of contestants, but resemble the great masters of wuxia films — a race of beings high above yet inherently mysterious — facing the challenge of aspiring singers full of dreams and talent”.

Oh, and of course:

“From set design to music to engagement, [the show] is currently the most perfected of all.”

Obviously blindly believing what the director of the show spouts out of his mouth to promote the very show (basically very very flowery language) is bound to result in severe disappointment, but the concept itself is rather intriguing — a “music jianghu” with no competition and elimination, as they say.


But onto the main deal — the coaches/judges/great wuxia masters!

From what they were saying at the press conference (only watched JJ’s segment XD), the incoming flow of singers will challenge them — to an individual battle? Will there be voting? Professional judging? Suggestions from the industry’s top players?

Another big deal — probably an accidental reveal on JJ Lin’s own part (such cuteness ❤ ) — is that the songs are pre-determined, rather than decided by the singer himself, making it a greater “challenge”. Also, singers can’t sing their own songs. (Which, in the context of JJ Lin, anyway, is definitely a good thing.)

When JJ Lin probably cutely accidentally spoils a lot of their secrets . . .

If anything, however, these A-lister’s are bound to create amazing music — I just know it. Duo Yu Quan‘s prowess in covering songs is evidenced through their ultimate victory in I Am A Singer Season 1 (it’s been forever, oh my goodness), while A-Mei is like the vocal queen, Jam Hsiao another amazing vocal powerhouse, Hebe Tien always the dark horse, and JJ Lin the talented singer-songwriter and producer/arranger.

I have really high expectations for JJ, especially since I’ve stalked too many concert recordings and fan-cams and know what he’s capable of. Or, more accurately, know that he has more up his sleeve than the average fan — including me, really — may think.

When broadcast is postponed and the promos don’t even reflect that . . .


SHE’s Hebe Tien, on the other hand, I regard with both parts curiosity and trepidation. I’ve always underestimated Hebe’s talents due to my tendency to engage in idol prejudice, was absolutely impressed by her most recent album Day By Day (meanwhile, I weirdly wasn’t a big fan of the really popular Insignificance, most strangely the titular track itself), but have no idea of her live abilities. I feel as if she’s unstable — absolutely stellar in some instances but shaky in others.

(Similarly, that voice of hers seems to be a double-edged sword — simultaneously enhancing yet limiting her songs.)

But only time — and this show — will tell.

Hebe Tien is always the dark horse.

And, yeah, okay, this may or may not entail the revival of a certain ship. If you know what I mean. 😉

(Seriously, though. JJ and Hebe on the same show? Is this the C-entertainment industry I know?)

Will AMIT perhaps take over?
Can Yu Quan defend their title as the “Kings of Singers”?
Jam Hsiao . . . was basically drunk and high during the press conference.

Basically, I really felt like squeezing out a quick post regarding an upcoming music show. It’s most likely to be uploaded weekly onto Zhejiang TV‘s official YouTube Channel because all these A-listers are based in Taiwan, where the show would like to promote. 😉

The promos, unfortunately, aren’t particularly impressive — I was hoping they would expand on the whole “music jianghu” thing they were promoting, but to no avail.

Dare I do recaps, the same way I did for I Am A Singer Season 4? Recaps or not, there’s going to be JJ Lin fangirling because otherwise this isn’t Just moon148. But time is not on my side and only the stars that rise know whether I’ll be emotionally stable enough then.

— moon148

*NOTE: Updated to reflect the postponed broadcast, which was initially intended to be on Friday, October 21, was postponed to Friday, October 8, and later further postponed to Friday, November 4. If anything, we can keep track of how long ZheJiang TV plays this game before people start losing interest.



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