[RECAP] Just An Alluring Smile (Love O2O) Ep 18-22

 Previously recapped . . . Ep 1-8, Ep 9-10Ep 11-15 & Ep 16-17

Disclaimer: In a strict sense, this isn’t a scene-by-scene recap of the drama — it’s more of a thoughts/commentary/fangirling review thing. For a detailed explanation of each episode of Love O2O in English, you can read them all at Dreams of Jianghu, then come and read up my thoughts. Oh, and spoiler alert. (Duh).


The Basics:

  • Name: Just An Alluring Smile, Love O2O, Kiss Me, 微微一笑很倾城(wēi wēi yī xiào hěn qīng chéng)
  • Length: 30 episodes
  • Language: Mandarin Chinese
  • Genre: Gaming, College romance
  • Airing: Two episodes per day Monday to Saturday, one episode on Sunday
  • Based on the original online novel by Gu Man

The Cast Of Characters:

  • Yang Yang (杨洋as Xiao Nai (肖奈)/ ID: 一笑奈何
  • Zheng Shuang (郑爽) as Bei Wei Wei (贝微微)/ ID: 芦苇微微
  • Mao Xiaotong (毛晓彤) as Er Xi (赵二喜)
  • Bai Yu (白宇) as Cao Guang (曹光)

How To Watch:

  • Raw, unsubbed episodes on YouTube via Croton Media
  • Subbed episodes on DramaFever


The Plot:

Bei Wei Wei (Zheng Shuang), a computer science major and avid gamer, “divorces” 真水无香 in the role-playing wuxia game Dreaming of Jianghu (referred to as “倩女幽魂” in the drama). Her gaming abilities soon capture the attention of Xiao Nai, who, through the character  一笑奈何 — the highest-ranking player on the server — joins forces with Bei Wei Wei’s 芦苇微微。

The Actual Recap (Ep 18-22)

Everything becomes a dream, so alluring and yet so real . . .

As Xiao Nai and Wei Wei walk down the street, a downpour begins. They rush to an overhang to shield themselves from the rain. Almost instinctively, Wei Wei pulls Xiao Nai closer.

You’re also afraid that I’ll get sick?

It’s a simple, baseless statement but almost jolts Wei Wei out of her trance.


She quickly lets go. The rain ends.

The rain’s ended. We can go now.

Xiao Nai gazes back at the street, a radiant smile illuminating his face.

What are you laughing at?

He smiles back at her.

Don’t mind me. It’s just that once you’re here . . . the weather becomes fine.

Xiao Nai brushes a short kiss on Wei Wei’s lips. . . in full view for two four-year-olds to see.

They enjoy a short yet sweet moment on the grass (how is it not wet . . . it literally just rained) when Wei Wei brings up the whole deal about interning at his company.


“Bribe me.” Xiao Nai challenges.

“I’ll take you out to eat?” Wei Wei weakly suggests.

The only bribe I take is furen [Wei Wei]’s beauty.

Cut to a meta scene — Wei Wei fantasizes herself filming a scene where she wears her red dress and seduces CEO Xiao Nai.

It was then when I realized that Wei Wei is actually supposed to have a rather impressive physique and, like, look seductive in that red dress. Which . . . she really doesn’t. Sorry, Zheng Shuang. o.O


But Wei Wei actually does get to intern at Xiao Nai’s company. Just . . . not like that. At least, I hope not. >o<

Wei Wei is still extremely shy and demure — basically, she’s afraid to go into the workplace as the boss’s girlfriend. (Although considering how much I’ve hyperventilated watching this drama I can’t exactly blame her/ can slightly relate . . .?)

Or, as Xiao Nai puts it, like “picking up a rock and smashing your own feet.”


Anyway, this A Shuang comes over and he is plain terrified, apparently because he suffers from a phobia of women, of all things. After realizing that Xiao Nai’s company is basically a bunch of computer science geeks, it’s really all cool for Wei Wei.

Xiao Nai suggests that Wei Wei stay away from A Shuang’s department . . . they’re all strange people . . .


So, of course, after a fun little tour from Yu Gong, Hou Zi Jiu, and Mo Zha Ta, Wei Wei is stuck with working with A Shuang.

Already she’s tasked with the nearly impossible job of testing the game’s functionality on multiple brands of smartphones, retrieving all brands of smartphones, and writing a report on her findings . . . all within a matter of days and with a crappy budget of 600 RMB.

The others immediately tell Xiao Nai that Wei Wei is basically getting bullied and is unfairly treated, but Xiao Nai knows to place trust that his girl can deal with it . . . herself!


In conclusion, perfect characters always like other perfect characters.

Still, Xiao Nai knows that it’s been hard of Wei Wei and proudly looks on from his office.


Of course, Wei Wei successfully completes her job, etc.

But when she ends up wet and cold from the pouring rain outside, Xiao Nai immediately drops whatever stoic facade he might’ve had going on.


He’s angry and concerned, but like in that swoon-worthy way. ❤

Is it weird that I’m fangirling over this scene? No?

Though he might’ve not lent a helping hand before, he immediately takes her to his home to take care of her . . . and it turns out that she’s basically his first-ever guest there.

I believe Wei Wei quickly gets switched to the testing department (?) in Xiao Nai’s office. She’s actually really excited about how amazingly 新倩女幽魂 has been developing, and nearly fangirls about his product in front of him. So Xiao Nai abruptly shuts off her PC.


Then there’s that ridiculous scene where Xiao Nai is playing the zither (yes, the zither of all things, but he also plays Chinese chess — his family is just really traditional). Wei Wei tries to get his attention about something, while he absentmindedly tells her to write up a report about it.

Annoyed, Wei Wei bites his arm — not a typo — and suddenly she’s pressed onto the ground.


(Yang Yang Xiao Nai so dominating is so hot, though. OMG~)

Okay, okay, I swear this post isn’t just me spazzing over our OTP’s cuteness and hotness.

Wei Wei gets a request from player Die Meng to meet up at a cafe; Die Meng is dealing with drama between her boyfriend and some other players up on 倩女幽魂 and loses her position as sect leader within her server’s alliance.


She basically vents out whatever’s inside her while Wei Wei sits there, listening.

Anyhow, Xiao Nai decides to take Wei Wei swimming — before leaving, Wei Wei is tasked with bringing his swimming shorts. Wei Wei is reluctant to swim because she can’t anyway, but complies to buying herself a bathing suit. (Why is it that so many female characters in dramas, movies, books, etc. don’t know to swim?)

Apparently, Wei Wei managed to get the extra, er, kinky ones and is hella embarrassed over how short those shorts are.


Except . . . those shorts are longer than my P.E. shorts. What the heck!

In the original novel, there’s also a rather steamy scene that occurs in the pool, maybe involving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and the like. Unfortunately, knowing the SAPPRFT . . . erm, yeah. We didn’t get it.

Meanwhile, the alliance on their server of 倩女幽魂 agrees to host a large gathering IRL. Though Wei Wei technically left the alliance in an earlier episode, they’re all curious to see what this 芦苇微微 — who has been rumored to be a 人妖 (male playing female) — looks like IRL, especially after Die Meng revealed that Wei Wei is actually quite beautiful.

The four girls — the ones who had a bitchy relationship with Wei Wei on the RPG — are unconvinced because the whole time they thought that 芦苇微微 was Er Xi — and they even bullied her earlier.


Die Meng knows that Wei Wei likely won’t agree to attend the gathering, so she tricks Wei Wei into thinking it’s just a private meal with her.

Personally, I feel like Die Meng lying to her is what made Wei Wei hesitant to step in — not the actual gathering.

The four girls who hang out with Zhen Shui Wu Xiang are convinced that Wei Wei was probably hired — until Wei Wei KOs them all in a PK.


I find myself preferring the calm yet dangerous Wei Wei who takes matters into her own hands, so I definitely felt a great sense of satisfaction viewing these scenes.

There’s that iconic scene where Xiao Nai picks her up from the gathering.


Just as they’re about to leave, one of the girls yells to Xiao Nai that Wei Wei’s married and divorced quite a lot on 倩女幽魂. His response?

As long as she’s willing to be with me, I don’t mind anything else.



Back in the car, Wei Wei asks if he really doesn’t mind her cheating on him; she uses the saying 红杏出墙 (hóng xìng chū qiǎng), or literally “red apricots flying out the wall”.

At most, if you fly out of the wall one inch, I’ll move the wall one inch.

You fly out of the wall one foot, I’ll move the wall one yard.


Overall Thoughts


Love O2O has often been described as a “fanservice novel”, combined with the element of RPG and lots and lots of amorous metaphors, literary sayings, puns, and the like. A lot of the iconic quotes made their way onto the screen (for once!), which sort of makes us feel better that this is just a chill idol drama.

Unfortunately, Ep 22 basically marks the end of the gaming world — Wei Wei gets her redemption, and life moves on. (Of course, the later episodes do relate to gaming, but never in this way again.)

And as much as we wish it was, the next eight episodes aren’t going to be just fluttery rainbows and butterflies, showing the weaker parts of the drama to come. But maybe, just maybe, it’s actually a good thing. 

— moon148


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