[RECAP] Just An Alluring Smile (Love O2O) Ep 16-17

Previously recapped . . . Ep 1-8, Ep 9-10 & Ep 11-15

Disclaimer: In a strict sense, this isn’t a scene-by-scene recap of the drama — it’s more of a thoughts/commentary/fangirling review thing. For a detailed explanation of each episode of Love O2O in English, you can read them all at Dreams of Jianghu, then come and read up my thoughts. Oh, and spoiler alert. (Duh).


The Basics:

  • Name: Just An Alluring Smile, Love O2O, Kiss Me, 微微一笑很倾城(wēi wēi yī xiào hěn qīng chéng)
  • Length: 30 episodes
  • Language: Mandarin Chinese
  • Genre: Gaming, College romance
  • Airing: Two episodes per day Monday to Saturday, one episode on Sunday
  • Based on the original online novel by Gu Man

The Cast Of Characters:

  • Yang Yang (杨洋as Xiao Nai (肖奈)/ ID: 一笑奈何
  • Zheng Shuang (郑爽) as Bei Wei Wei (贝微微)/ ID: 芦苇微微
  • Mao Xiaotong (毛晓彤) as Er Xi (赵二喜)
  • Bai Yu (白宇) as Cao Guang (曹光)

How To Watch:

  • Raw, unsubbed episodes on YouTube via Croton Media
  • Subbed episodes on DramaFever


The Plot:

Bei Wei Wei (Zheng Shuang), a computer science major and avid gamer, “divorces” 真水无香 in the role-playing wuxia game Dreaming of Jianghu (referred to as “倩女幽魂” in the drama). Her gaming abilities soon capture the attention of Xiao Nai, who, through the character  一笑奈何 — the highest-ranking player on the server — joins forces with Bei Wei Wei’s 芦苇微微。

The Actual Recap (Ep 16-17)

That moment when a paper hat somehow accentuates Yang Yang’s beauty . . .

Here’s the rundown:

The school term’s ended. Wei Wei leaves to visit her family for the summer, while graduate Xiao Nai takes on full-time CEO at his company. They miss each other the whole time.

Meanwhile, Hao Mei’s computer is hacked, and a new employee joins the company.

It’s clear that neither Xiao Nai nor Wei Wei are truly willing to part that day; Xiao Nai actually checks for both high-speed train and plane tickets, but alas everything is sold out.


(On the other hand, since when did train stations is China become so empty . . .)

He instructs her to call him once she gets home, but they don’t let go until a security guard tells them to hurry up.

Xiao Nai looks so concentratedly sad and solemn in those scenes, and here I am hyperventilating basically because I just literally cannot. (Don’t mind me.)


Likewise, when he returns to his car and drives away I’m suddenly so concerned that they’re miles apart.


Yet as sad as seeing our OTP physically part from each other is, Xiao Nai and Wei Wei long-distancing things is just as adorable. For one, I absolutely adore Wei Wei’s parents.

When Wei Wei leaves the train station, her dad is already that cutely embarrassing parent; I absolutely love how proud he is of his daughter’s talents, or how he considers her to be the best-looking.

So of course when he proudly shows her his new vehicle, it’s a pink motorcycle, of all things:


Back at home, I swear Wei Wei’s antics are far too cute.

Unfortunately, her parents don’t buy her a phone, saying that she should use her own scholarship money or earn money herself, so she doesn’t get to contact Xiao Nai right away.

So when her parents finally have to leave, Wei Wei eagerly agrees to look after the house. (In other words, me when I finally get to do whatever on the Internet.) She then finally gets to call Xiao Nai — only for her mom to come back early. >o<



Quickly pretending that she’s calling the student she tutors, Wei Wei reveals to her mom that she did do tutoring back at her uni. Wei Wei’s mom then brings up a student that Wei Wei could tutor during her stay.

During the many dinners of her stay, Wei Wei would always be very eager to end the meals early, wash the dishes as fast as possible, and sprint to her room to log online to Dreams of Jianghu. In other words, me.

And very much like my own mother, Wei Wei’s mom tells her to not spend so much time on the computer because radiation is bad and to sleep earlier.


(Okay, what my mom doesn’t do is tell me to drink this sponsored orange juice and drink that sponsored yogurt. It’s really not that healthy.)

Wei Wei, who was in the middle of chatting with Xiao Nai, tells her as a rebuttal that maybe she shouldn’t make her wash the dishes because dish soap is harmful to the skin.

So when Wei Wei’s mom leaves? Xiao Nai reveals that he’s been listening in the whole time — not stalking, just listening. He’s online, shopping for dishwashers.


In another situation, Wei Wei’s mom talks about watching a drama.

“Did the male and female lead finally get together?” Wei Wei asks.

“Oh please. Of course they have to have misunderstandings, break up, and get together a few times before getting together in the end. How else can a drama last for so many episodes?” Oh, I don’t know . . .


Aside from detailing the cuteness of Wei Wei and Xiao Nai hanging out there long-distancing, these two episodes also focus on Hao Mei’s computer getting hacked.

Hao Mei (Mo Zha Ta) doesn’t notice until his desktop background is changed from his female bias to . . . a temple. Even worse, he can’t even change it back.

When the co-workers gather around to speculate, someone suggests that someone maybe from the rival company (I’m not going to remember the names) hacked into the computer to spy on their actions. At that moment, one of the guys named Ashuang gives one of the most paranoid looks. o.O


But Xiao Nai comes to rescue — hardcore music plays as his slender fingers, fly across the screen, typing code that will somehow allow him to hack into the hacker’s PC’s camera.


Meanwhile, Hao Mei frantically messages the hacker, demanding to know what he has against his goddess/bias.


Yet according to the hacker, he means no harm. But right when Xiao Nai’s hack works, said hacker leaves without even a glimpse of his face.

Hao Mei suddenly feels like going to his favorite restaurant with his favorite cook and even invites the cook to eat with him. However, Hao Mei quickly gets drunk and even sleeps in the cook’s bed.

Meanwhile, the cook himself has his own business to deal with.


He challenges Xiao Nai to a competition — if he loses, he will work for Xiao Nai’s company for free.


So the next day, a new employee joins the company! He reveals himself to be KO, one of the most well-known hackers within the industry. Hao Mei is pleased.


Meanwhile, Wei Wei finally earns enough money to purchase an OPPO phone — so she only needs to charge it for five minutes for every 2-hour conversation with Xiao Nai. (Did I just . . .?)

The first thing she does is send him a text, except in the format of one of those ads people delete. She requests that Xiao Nai transfer $1,000 to her account to win some “special prize” and he really does. He also tells her to buy a plane ticket.

Under the premise of interning at his company, Wei Wei returns.


Yet after dragging her suitcase up the stairs and finding out that the elevator wasn’t even broken, Wei Wei seems to be getting the cold treatment from Xiao Nai.

He quickly pulls her into the office and . . .


So, a few things about their first kiss:

Why, Zheng Shuang, why? She looks extremely stiff and even uncomfortable while Yang Yang goes all in. It’s awkward, although Yang Yang looks like a hella nice kisser. Just an observation, no fantasies involved. 

The only other thing that improved this kiss (aside from Yang Yang) is that when Yu Gong reprimands Xiao Nai that he shouldn’t leave guests waiting for so long, his kiss deepens. ^o^

My only comfort is that maybe Wei Wei is still really shy . . .? Eh.

— moon148


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