[RECAP] Just An Alluring Smile (Love O2O) Ep 9-10

Read episodes 1-8 recap here.

Disclaimer: In a strict sense, this isn’t a scene-by-scene recap of the drama — it’s more of a thoughts/commentary/fangirling review thing. For a detailed explanation of each episode of Love O2O in English, you can read them all at Dreams of Jianghu, then come and read up my thoughts. Oh, and spoiler alert. (Duh).


The Basics:

  • Name: Just An Alluring Smile, Love O2O, Kiss Me, 微微一笑很倾城(wēi wēi yī xiào hěn qīng chéng)
  • Length: 30 episodes
  • Language: Mandarin Chinese
  • Genre: Gaming, College romance
  • Airing: Two episodes per day Monday to Saturday, one episode on Sunday
  • Based on the original online novel by Gu Man

The Cast Of Characters:

  • Yang Yang (杨洋as Xiao Nai (肖奈)/ ID: 一笑奈何
  • Zheng Shuang (郑爽) as Bei Wei Wei (贝微微)/ ID: 芦苇微微
  • Mao Xiaotong (毛晓彤) as Er Xi (赵二喜)
  • Bai Yu (白宇) as Cao Guang (曹光)

How To Watch:

  • Raw, unsubbed episodes on YouTube via Croton Media
  • Subbed episodes on DramaFever


The Plot:

Bei Wei Wei (Zheng Shuang), a computer science major and avid gamer, “divorces” 真水无香 in the role-playing wuxia game Dreaming of Jianghu (referred to as “倩女幽魂” in the drama). Her gaming abilities soon capture the attention of Xiao Nai, who, through the character  一笑奈何 — the highest-ranking player on the server — joins forces with Bei Wei Wei’s 芦苇微微。

The Actual Recap (Ep 9-10)

Screenshot (186)_edited_edited
One might notice that moon148’s so-called “Love O2O recaps” are basically Yang Yang pic-spam.

Here’s the rundown:

So Xiao Nai literally wakes up from what could’ve been a concussion at the hospital, and he’s concerned about Wei Wei, who he unwittingly “abandoned” online due to the car crash.

Bei Wei Wei herself almost acts as if she experienced a “break-up” of sorts — she clearly has developed feelings for the online persona 一笑奈何 and spends her free time looping the video that she created with Xiao Nai over and over again. Oh, and of course Xiao Nai is aware the entire time.

Screenshot (194)_edited
If someone as hot so creepily stalked me, would I mind?

It isn’t until she receives an offer from the Fengteng Company, which owns the rights to Dreams of Jianghu, to give them the rights to an entirely new aspect of the game — inspired by the same video — does Wei Wei finally muster to courage to log back into the server.

There, she finds out about the car crash and the concussion. Concerned, she approaches 一笑奈何, tells him about the offer from Fengteng, and actually gets a request to meet IRL. (YASS!!! FINALLY!!!)

Wei Wei actually has plans to sort of flirt with, and perhaps “搞定” this 一笑奈何. Which, of course, sort of backfires — but, like, in a good way. And then the rest is just cute fluffiness. ❤

Though not much occurred, I felt that these two episodes deserved their own recap because it represented a significant turn within the overall plot.

Screenshot (188)_edited

A more serious parts of the episode was when Xiao Nai’s dorm-mate Yu Banshan, who was driving when the accident occurred, starts tearing up. Since Love O2O is generally all fluffy and lighthearted, the scene definitely stood out as a jarring moment of reality.

Yu Banshan purposely emphasizes and swears that he shall stay loyal to Xiao Nai for life, as he could have been the one laying in the hospital bed. Although that slightly makes me wonder — is there more to than what’s presented on the surface?

Thank goodness Xiao Nai turns out to be alright — after reassuring his parents and friends, however, he immediately asks about Wei Wei on the RPG Dreams of Jianghu.

Screenshot (187)_edited

Meanwhile, Bei Wei Wei herself is in a morose mood — fearing that 一笑奈何 has left the game forever, she spends her days watching the video they collaborated on and does not log onto the server for days.

Screenshot (190)_edited

Xiao Nai, the genius computer science student, naturally has his ways to “semi-hack” into Wei Wei’s own viewport. He wonders why she spends so much time watching that same video — to Wei Wei, perhaps the only evidence of their online “relationship”.

Screenshot (192)_edited
Xiao Nai, the only character that doesn’t use HP…

Cao Guang, who still is attempting to become close to Wei Wei, treats Er Xi’s character — who he mistakes as Wei Wei’s — to a special surprise online. To both Cao Guang and Er Xi’s joy, Er Xi agrees to “virtually” marry him.

Screenshot (195)_edited

Thank goodness Wei Wei finally finds a reason to log back into the game — Xiao Nai then requests that they meet IRL.

Screenshot (198)_editedScreenshot (203)_editedScreenshot (201)_editedScreenshot (200)_editedScreenshot (199)_edited

In other words, finally! Bei Wei Wei is all sorts of excited and purposely completes her final early to meet up with 一笑奈何. Not knowing that he’s Xiao Nai, she actually intends to use her charisma and attract him.

Screenshot (205)_editedScreenshot (206)_editedScreenshot (207)_editedScreenshot (208)_editedScreenshot (209)_edited

Screenshot (211)_edited
This was actually really well thought-out.

Xiao Nai is actually quite evil on this one (but as it turns out in later episodes, it’s only “a hair from nine oxen”) — when Wei Wei decides to greet him, he coolly walks past her the way he would any other girl.

From behind, using his alluring voice and all, he states:

[It’s] not a coincidence


I’m waiting for you

It does make Xiao Nai dashen all the more charismatic, though . . . *sighs dreamily*

The real-life “couple-to-be” starts off a bit awkwardly — with all the build-up and anticipation to Xiao Nai and Wei Wei’s meet-up, it might even come off as slightly disappointing.

Wei Wei, who literally just finds out (and is still in disbelief), is a rather shy and embarrassed to really talk to him, while Xiao Nai — probably used to it all from all the stalking — is quite direct. Xiao Nai knows he’s just so damn attractive, though. He knows.

Case in point: when Wei Wei initially refuses to ride his bike to the school gym, stating that people might mistake them for in this sort of relationship:

Screenshot (214)_edited

Xiao Nai’s response?

When were we not in this sort of a relationship?

Screenshot (217)_edited

Though the relationship is still off to an awkward start, there’s already a clear chemistry going on between the main leads, Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang. It’s pretty funny, too, seeing Wei Wei all shy and wide-eyed at how the usually stoic Xiao Nai is handling things.

Screenshot (216)_edited_edited

Xiao Nai is actually super considerate about the whole thing — he manages to make an obvious product endorsement look cute on-screen — while basically announcing to the people around that he’s off-limits:

Screenshot (218)_edited

He’s so freakin’ aesthetic on a bike:

Screenshot (212)_edited

After displaying some incredible basketball moves at the game, he basically announces to the entire audience that he’s dating Bei Wei Wei.


Screenshot (222)_editedScreenshot (224)_edited

Which is also why I basically have a love-hate relationship with this drama: it’s so cheesy and, like, impossible to find in a real boyfriend (…right?), but the way Yang Yang acts it out makes it so alluring and perhaps maybe possibly true.

Overall Thoughts

I swear Love O2O is basically here to 虐 the hell out of me — it’s basically all of our fantasies, displayed right in front of us (in SAPPFRT-approved manner).


Some of the drama is just so inconsequential and annoying to bother with, yet the rest of it is just pure bliss. ❤

So far, it’s so good — yet also far too unrealistic for me. I’m just so glad that the relationship gets to start without all the BS hitches and dramas regularly thrown the main OTP’s way.

— moon148

P.S. People have actually tried dialing “Xiao Nai’s” number, which was provided in the drama: 13585904041.

It turns out that if you dial the number, a voice message from Yang Yang himself will actually come up, with something along the lines of:

Hello, I’m not available to pick up the phone right now. If there’s really something, you can add me on WeChat — my phone number is my WeChat.

You can then actually add “Xiao Nai” on WeChat, hehe.


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  1. Accelerator says:

    Actually, you can see that Xiao Nai’s laptop says Hewlett-Packard, which is also HP. The only one not using HP is Cao Guang, who uses Alienware iirc.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. moon148 says:

      Alright then. You have good observational skills ^_^
      It is indeed in character for Xiao Nai 大神 to use the lesser-known model. Nice catch!


      1. Sue says:

        do you guys know the model of the laptop Xiao Nai used?


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