[UPDATED] Nominations/Winners of the 27th Golden Melody Awards revealed! (2016)

UPDATE: The official results are in bold (+ more pics because shameless self-promotion! 😂).

A big congrats to Sodagreen for being the biggest nominee!

Dubbed “Taiwan’s Grammys”, the annual Golden Melody Awards is a pretty big deal. As pretty much the only (well-known) awards ceremony critiqued by professionals of the music industry, the GMAs are regarded in pretty high esteem.

Unlike other awards, which are generally based on audience voting (a.k.a. popularity and ratings), the GMAs also create a whole lot of discussion — and angry hate messages when a popular contender fails to get nominated. But despite its present faults, it’s still probably the most prestigious music award you could get in the C-pop industry.

The team at the GMAs recently released the list of nominees. Let’s see what we have here.

NOTE: I’m only including the categories pertaining to the Mandarin language. Sorry :/

Song of the Year

《不要放弃Aka pisawad》from the Soundtrack of “太阳的孩子 Wawa No Cidal” By 舒米恩・魯碧

“Matriarchy” from “AMIT2” By AMIT

“Twilight” from “From M.E. To Myself” By JJ Lin

《下雨的夜晚》from “Winter Endless” By Sodagreen

“A Little Happiness” from the Soundtrack of “Our Times” By Hebe Tien 

Album of the Year

Peggy Hsu‘s “Swing, Inc.”

Eli Hsieh‘s “Progress Reports”


Tanya Chua‘s “Aphasia”

Sodagreen’s “Winter Endless”


熊仔‘s “Infinite”

Music Video of the Year

Mayday‘s “Eternal Summer” — Directed by 蘇建益 (HI-ORGANIC)

Sandee Chan ft. Yoga Lin’s 《如同悲伤被下载了两次》”The Same Sadness Got Downloaded Twice” — Directed by 談宗藩

Jolin Tsai ft. Namie Amuro‘s “I’m Not Yours” — Directed by Muh Chen

JJ Lin ft. Jason Mraz‘s “I Am Alive” — Directed by 劉耕名 (NOTE TO SELF: The GMAs like music videos featuring collaborations apparently)

HUSH‘s “King of Doubt” — Directed by CHEN Hung-I

Best Composer

Jacky Chen’s 《生份的情歌》— Composed by Jacky Chen

Tanya Chua’s “Aphasia” — Composed by Tanya Chua

JJ Lin’s “Twilight” — Composed by JJ Lin

Sodagreen’s 《下雨的夜晚》— Composed by Wu Tsing-fong

Hebe Tien’s “A Little Happiness” — Composed by Jerry C

Best Lyricist

Jacky Chen’s 《生份的情歌》— Lyrics by 謝銘祐

Chang and Lee’s 《拆》— Lyrics by 武雄

AMIT’s “Matriarchy” — Lyrics by 陈仨

Sodagreen’s “Violently Sad and Beautiful” — Lyrics by Wu Tsing-fong (I swear this song is the best)

Sodagreen’s “He Raised His Right Hand For Roll Call” — Lyrics by Wu Tsing-fong

Best Arrangement

Jacky Chen’s “Would You Be My Girl” — Arranged by 陳建瑋、陳君豪、Jakub Kubi Groos、奧迪、李達文

Peggy Hsu’s “A Letter To Mr. Tim Burton” — Arranged by 許郁瑛、盧律銘

Li Jian’s 《海深之寻》“Exploring the Deep Seas” — Arranged by 赵兆

Tanya Chua’s “Living Is the Best Death” — Arranged by 常石磊、安栋

Sodagreen’s “Violently Sad and Beautiful” — Arranged by Sodagreen, 林暐哲

Best Album Producer

Peggy Hsu’s “Swing, Inc.” — Produced by Peggy Hsu, 王希文

AMIT’s “AMIT2” — Produced by AMIT, 阿弟仔

Tanya Chua’s “Aphasia” — Produced by Tanya Chua, 安栋

JJ Lin’s “From M.E. To Myself” — Produced by JJ Lin

Sodagreen’s “Winter Endless” — Produced by 林暐哲


Best Single Producer

蕭賀碩’s 《呷飽未》– Produced by 蕭賀碩

Eli Hsieh’s 《燈光》–Produced by Eli Hsieh, 蔡政勳

Li Jian’s 《海深之寻》“Exploring the Deep Seas” — Produced by 赵兆

Wan Fang’s “Practice Losing” — Produced by 陈建骐

Julia Peng’s “Darling” — Produced by 陈建骐

Best Mandarin Male Singer

黄明志 for 《亚洲通杀2015》

Li Jian for “Li Jian (The Sixth Album)”

柯智棠 for 《你真的不想流泪》

Matzka for 《东南美》

JJ Lin for “From M.E. To Myself”

The 26th GMA: JJ Lin –> Eason Chan
The 27th GMA: Eason Chan –> JJ Lin
JJ Lin accepts his award for best Mandarin male singer. #cutenessoverload

Best Mandarin Female Singer

Peggy Hsu for “Swing, Inc.”

Huang Qishan for 《小霞》

苏运莹 Sue Su for 《冥明》

AMIT for “AMIT2”

Tanya Chua for “Aphasia”

Julia Peng for “Darling”


Best Band

Mixer for “Before Being Named”

io Band for “III”

Cosmos People for “10000 Hours”

Tolaku for 《賀爾蒙先生》

Won Fu for “Papa I Want To Be A Star”

Sodagreen for “Winter Endless”

“Winter Endless” — a stellar conclusion to indie band Sodagreen‘s four seasons “Vivaldi project”.

Best Group

cozy diary_ for 《好好过生活》

嬉班子 for 《那些非洲人教我的事》

Nine One One for 《玖肆伍叁》

Chang and Lee for “Chang and Lee”


Best Newcomer

Hello Nico for 《熟悉的荒凉》

Eli Hsieh for “Progress Reports”


柯智棠 for 《你不真的想流泪》

岑寧兒 for “here”

Chang and Lee for “Chang and Lee”

苏运莹 Sue Su for 《冥明》

熊仔 for “Infinite”

Overall Thoughts

A-Lin was gorgeous.

Congrats to all the nominees who made it to this year’s ceremony! OP here is obviously quite satisfied with the results — “Winter Endless” is seriously an amazing album, and of course there was my wonderful bias. ❤

That being said, it’s best to take the actual results with a grain of salt and appreciate each and every nomination. Yes, I was surprised that the “Best Female Singer” didn’t become a show-down between AMIT and Tanya Chua (I was rooting for Tanya . . . ). But I feel that if the other works were included in the competition, then those deserve to shine in their own right.

— moon148

Because of Jolin’s talents, everyone’s a winner! (Those are chocolate trophies made personally by our Queen! ) @ Jolin Tsai’s Facebook Page

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