JJ Lin isn’t releasing an album this year

On April 15, 2016, JJ Lin, among a bunch of other artists, attended the yearly “China Music Awards”, where he snagged “Most Influential/ Most Popular Asian Artist” and “Best Album (Taiwan and HK)”. In his acceptance speech, he revealed that even though his schedule is full this year, he isn’t releasing an album this year.


This marks the second time in his entire career that he isn’t doing the whole “one album a year” thing, causing some sadness among us JMs. But JJ also commented that “This year I will return all my ‘song debts’ because too many singers have requested songs from me.

In other words, even though JJ isn’t releasing stuff himself (and we all know very well that he deserves a break), there’s gonna be at least two albums worth of tracks penned by JJ himself. (Of course, without his own vocals and production it’s really not the same, but still something to look forward to.)

Even so, JJ Lin’s management Warner Music released in a statement, “We still arranged some work and itinerary, so we will still get to see him, but not releasing an album this year will make things more relaxed.”


It’s been less than a week and already we’ve seen a lot of progress. Earlier this year, JJ announced that he’s finished writing a song for Chinese idol group TFBOYS.

After he attended I Am A Singer as Lala Hsu’s duet partner, Joey Yung posted on his Weibo account thanking him for “a gift that [she] hopes fans will like as much as [she] does . . . After the concert, let’s meet in the recording studio”.


(In case it wasn’t obvious enough, Joey did announce that her upcoming album will feature a song composed by JJ.)

Finally, C-drama “I’m Lala”‘s ending theme song 《忘了去记得》(“Forgot to Remember”), sung by singer-actress Qi Wei and composed by JJ Lin, just released last Saturday. The lyrics are also penned by a famous author but unfortunately, good prose does not equal good song lyrics. It’s your typical nice-sounding Mandopop ballad, and I suspect that Terence Teo arranged it. You can listen to this song here.

— moon148


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