JJ Lin and Lala Hsu’s duet version of “Twilight”


(I really wanted to post about JJ Lin joining the finals but I really felt no motivation to post about the finals themselves. Or, in other words, I clearly stan him too hard.)


So Coco Lee won Season 4 of “I Am A Singer” last week in the 3.5 hours of madness. And honestly, despite my loyal following of Mango TV throughout all these years, I might have kind of agreed with some of the complaints and criticisms.

Despite the overall blandness of the final, there were still some amazing moments. Like . . . you know, as implied in the title. Ah, anyway, you should always click to read more.

I post of this performance not to brag of my biases but to share of this beautiful duet version of “Twilight”.

《不为谁而做的歌》, which literally translates to “A Song Not Written For Anyone In Particular”, has been dubbed “A Song Not to Be Covered By Anyone” for its impressive array of high notes and its general difficulty to pull off. And unfortunately, despite what her celebrity manager claims, Lala Hsu is within the wide range of people who struggle to sing this song.

Despite Lala’s nervous start, JJ and Lala manage to be a rather nice duo; sure, people have complained that JJ’s voice completely covered over hers (he was clearly subduing his though . . .), but I think their voices melded amazingly. Considering JJ as more of a powerhouse singer and Lala as one who usually uses subtle nuances as opposed to note-belting, they really did make the best they could out of “Twilight”.

And, of course, the big question: why sing “Twilight” in the first place? Don’t get me wrong here — the duet was a fresh, more Lala Hsu-oriented version that I loved for its difference from the original. But clearly all the odds were stacked in JJ’s favor:

  1. He wrote “Twilight” himself, basing it on his own vocal ability/ vocal range. So of course he’s going to sound more in tune than someone else trying to cover it.
  2. “Twilight” is that song JJ always performs when he’s at some awards show. Considering that it was awards season, that’s a lot of time and practice to sing the song perfectly.
  3. He even did a duet version on “Hidden Singer”.

In fact, when Lala requested that they sing “Twilight” for the finals, JJ was all “are you sure?” about it. *thinks of all the other songs they could have dueted*

In the end, however, I liked it, looped it on repeat, and despite the ultimate results, I feel like no one really cared.

(And of course I wrap up my “I Am A Singer” posts fangirling over my bias who wasn’t even a contestant.)

— moon148

P.S. My time recapping “I Am A Singer” has ended, but your time perusing should not. Though I’m currently preoccupied with school and other aspects of offline life at the moment, I’ll be back . . . soon.



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