[RECAP] Chinese singers sing in Korean on I Am A Singer Season 4 Ep 5

…And the Korean singer sings in Chinese. But first, let’s celebrate!

On the 5th day of the Lunar New Year, the singers gathered for Episode 5 of I Am A Singer. More goodies to come. 

Faced with the immense pressure from last week’s ranking, Chief Chao unluckily has to start the night with Na Ying‘s 《征服》(you’ve definitely heard the original before). He includes a band, with his very own brother, and belts out the thing in his familiar Chief Chao style. Unfortunately, he went first.

Hacken Lee performs next — NOT with a song by Leon Lai. Instead, it’s Eason Chan‘s 《单车》. Obvious.

Lala Hsu brings a breathy rendition of Sodagreen‘s 《我好想你》. While the performance lacked power until the very end, I really enjoyed Lala’s voice and phrasing of the song. At this point, I’m half-convinced Lala is here to sing all my favorite songs. ❤

You can listen to the original here.

The very first Korean song of the night is “Nobody”, brought to you by Coco Lee. You’ve definitely heard it before, but Coco incorporates a sort of tango to make it more interesting. I guess.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been to one of those parties where they play “Nobody”, and everyone just groans just because. So, really, as I’m not exactly a fan of “Nobody”, I can’t really bring myself to like the performance. Sorry, but this wasn’t that good.

Personally, the most memorable performance of the night was Hwang Chi Yeol‘s rendition of Na Ying’s 《默》. You can listen to the original here.

For me, Hwang Chi Yeol’s performances have never really left much of an impression on me; for the most part, I can mildly agree that he’s a nice singer and that’s pretty much it. This week, however, I actually cared about his performance.

He almost overdoes the performance — the zhongguofeng was interesting, but the background choir seemed a bit unnecessary (there’s a reason why the original arrangement with the piano worked). Yet the performance is incredibly heartfelt, and I nearly cried at the the sight of his tears and his emotional kimchi voice. There’s something here that his earlier, though more polished performances, lacked.

Interestingly, I probably would have voted for him this week, despite his lower ranking. It’s really hard to surpass the original, so props to HCY for taking the brave route.

Jeff Chang sings “20 Years Ago”, seguing a snippet of the well-known “Olive Tree” in between. As he is still not completely recovered yet, is not in his prime anymore, and sang a lesser-known song, it turns out that Jeff Chang isn’t as big as a contender as we once thought he was going to be.

The WTF performance of the night/season: Shin singing none other than PSY‘s “Gangnam Style”. I really don’t have to link the original — the most viewed YouTube video.

The thing is, you don’t sing “Gangnam Style” in a singing competition. Similarly, you don’t sing Chopstick Brother’s “Little Apple” or Jeanine Hsieh’s “Sister” in a singing competition because, well, you just don’t.

As for the performance itself? No comment. -_-


  1. Coco Lee
  2. Lala Hsu
  3. Hacken Lee
  4. Shin
  5. Jeff Chang
  6. Hwang Chi Yeol
  7. Chief Chao (eliminated)

On Chief Chao’s elimination: Sadly, I’m not surprised. :/ While I thoroughly enjoyed his earlier performances, he just wouldn’t do for me as the episodes went on. His performances were nice, but you might have noticed that my reviews were particularly short — because there wasn’t much for me to talk about.

Jeff Chang is a bit remorseful at Chief Chao’s leave. “But who will be everyone’s big brother?” he asks Chief Chao as they hug each other goodbye.

“It’s your turn,” Chief Chao sagely replies.

“I don’t want [to]!”

— moon148


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  1. Jessica says:

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your recaps! I checked out the first episode of I Am A Singer 4 because I’m a fan of Hwang Chi Yeol and I was curious how he would do in a Chinese show. That being said, I know zero Chinese (I don’t even know Korean) and am watching raw so imagine my surprise when, despite having very little idea what people were saying I found myself drawn into the program and motivated to keep watching week after week (instead of watching a brief clip as I originally intended) – I suppose some things surpass the language barrier (good thing it’s a music show). As I continue watching I’m becoming a big fan of Lala Hsu, and I love learning about all the artists and songs since I have very little knowledge of them. All this is to say that I was incredibly excited when I found your blog because, even though you of course can only skim the surface of what happens, I love at least having some insight into how someone who actually understands everything that is happening views the show, and how your view of the performances may differ from my more under-informed opinion. Anyway, I really enjoy reading your posts and find them helpful, so thanks!!!


    1. moon148 says:

      You are more than welcome! Thank you for checking out my blog and even commenting, haha. While Hunan TV does sub some of their shows, it seems as if the English subs are restricted to variety shows only. :/ I’m glad that you like “I Am A Singer” though — it’s even more amazing because all the singers are respected professionals.


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