[RECAP] Jeff Chang joins the lineup in I Am A Singer Season 4 Ep 4

In the fourth episode of the fourth season, in what was by far my favorite episode of the season, we finally have our very first singer — Jeff Chang — officially joining the lineup. More on that later.

Jeff Chang is so well-known that Hwang Chi Yeol is officially scared to death.

To add to the excitement, oh my goodness but this is probably the one episode of the season you don’t want to miss.

Finally, we have some variety in our thumbnails! 👍 Thanks, Hunan TV. 

Unlike most other singers, Hacken Lee actually expressed excitement at going first — as the emcee, he’s glad that he can finish his performance and then focus on his emceeing. He sings somewhat of an Andy Lau medley, skillfully switching between Cantonese and Mandarin as he combines the two songs into one.

Considering that he sang Aaron Kwok and Jacky Cheung songs in the previous weeks, I wouldn’t be surprised if he covers all four heavenly kings.

This is definitely his best performance of the season as of yet, and I thought he was going to get an amazing ranking despite going first. . . until I heard the rest of the performances.

Though 苏运莹 was eliminated last week, she is back this week with Jolin Tsai‘s 《我》or “I”. You can hear the original here.

It was a well-done performance and showcases her unique voice and skill in covering other artists’ songs. Personally, however, I feel as if “I” doesn’t really apply to Sue Su just quite yet; she is more like the little girl or “当年小女孩” that the song reminices. On a different hand, the song seemed a bit . . . flat. It was definitely an interesting and heartfelt performance though — something worth checking out.

Any season of China’s “I Am A Singer” is pretty much incomplete without a song by legendary Hong Kong band Beyond. Chief Chao did this season’s honors with his rendition of 《大地》. Unfortunately, this was probably the wrong week to sing this song, because all the other contestants decided to suddenly step up their game.

Shin finally steps up his game, delivering one of my favorite performances of the night — the rocker’s impressive rendition of “Still Loving You”. Unfortunately, China has had but minimal exposure to rock music.

The vocals, delivery, etc., were amazing. So, I can only squint angrily at the clueless Chinese audiences.

Hwang Chi Yeol decides to switch from his usual ballads to a rather different take on BIGBANG‘s “Bang Bang Bang“. It’s . . . interesting, though at the end of it all we’re still hoping he can just go back to his ballads.

It actually incorporates instrumental from the 007 soundtrack, and he sings the thing in Mandarin, which was incredibly weird, and now that I know what the lyrics mean I honestly wish I didn’t. It’s pretty much impossible to compare this to the original; to all the VIPs — just pretend he isn’t singing a BIGBANG song.

For one, the original was by FIVE different people. Sure, BIGBANG might pull this off live with ease — even with the dancing — but Hwang Chi Yeol is ONE singer. By the time he transitioned into rap he was sort of out of breath — as I’m sure any one of the five members would be if they had to perform it in a solo performance.

On the bright side, unlike the original, my ears weren’t exploding.

Coco Lee gives a heartfelt message to her deceased father with Jam Hsiao‘s 《你》 or “You”. You can hear the original here.

However, if not for the tears brimming in her eyes throughout the performance, it would definitely be lacking in emotion, especially compared to the original. Not that that was intentional — just that Coco’s singing style is so suited towards that sexy style.

Lala Hsu handles the folk song 《莉莉安》with as much ease as she would a Mandopop ballad. In fact, Lala incorporates a certain smoothness that makes it sound rather Mandopop ballad-y . . . and we all loved it. (In fact, 《莉莉安》is currently on of the hottest search term on various Chinese music platforms. Slay, Lala, slay.)

P.S. Love her outfit! ❤

Finally Jeff Chang performs! But here’s the catch — he’s pretty much lost his voice.

Though he initially planned to do the unexpected and cover a different singer’s song rather than play it safe with one of his own, he lost his voice and, well, the rest is history. Prior to his performance, he even had to stay in the hospital — poor Jeff Chang. 😥

There’s honestly no point in critiquing this performance because, well, it cannot be stressed enough that he just lost his voice.


  1. Hwang Chi Yeol
  2. Jeff Chang
  3. Lala Hsu
  4. Coco Lee
  5. Hacken Lee
  6. Shin
  7. Chief Chao

The fact that Jeff Chang was still voted second just proves his immense popularity. Once he’s all well and recovered and so much as opens his mouth he is totally dominating this show. No wonder Hwang Chi Yeol was nearly scared to death.

Speaking of Hwang Chi Yeol, #popularity and #hallyuwave. Oh, and #bigbang.

— moon148



P.P.S. Happy Spring Festival/ Lunar New Year/ Chinese New Year/ Year of the Monkey!


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