[RECAP] I Am A Singer Season 4 Ep 3

In the latest episode of I Am A Singer . . . our very first challenger singer of the season, 苏运莹, or according to Wikipedia, Sue Su.

She’s wearing SMG. :O

And yes, they really did fit 9 performances into this episode.

Because a pixelated image of everyone clapping makes the best thumbnails. #thumbnailgoals

Donning an impressive black-and-white leather jacket, Chief Chao sings the Eagles’ classic “Hotel California”. With his nearly impeccable English and voice, the veteran singer once again shows how it’s done.

Out of respect, I suppose, to the Eagles, 赵传 made like zero changes to the song, instead trying to make it sound pretty similar to the original. Which, unfortunately, coupled with him going first, doesn’t fare so well in a competition such as “I Am A Singer”. Even so, he definitely did a great job.

Last week, Shin wore a grey wool sweater. This week, Shin, clad in a neon green overcoat, brings to you his rock version of Coco Lee‘s 《刀马旦》. What impeccable fashion sense.《刀马旦》 , by the way, features and is composed by Jay Chou.

Yet in a performance crazier than Hebe Tien‘s “Learning From Drunk” MV (why am I referencing her? hint hint), Shin attempts to both retain elements of zhongguofeng while incorporating his own forte, rock, into the performance. Interestingly, though not very nice sounding, he even replaces Jay’s rap with something akin to death metal screams.

Let’s just say I wasn’t very surprised at his ranking.

Hacken Lee brings yet another heartfelt ballad — Jacky Cheung‘s 《遥远的她》. He even met up with Jacky Cheung himself, to the great delight of my fangirling mother.

This time he even incorporated elements of acapella into the performance. (He did good but I just wish he would change things up :/).

Clad in red, Lala Hsu, as promised, performs a unique rendition of Hebe Tien’s “Learning From Drunk“. As a big fan of the original, I excitedly awaited this performance for an entire week. You can hear the original here.

The performance very evidently comprises of two parts — the slowed-down, almost ballad rendition of the song (she’s lucky Albert Leung wrote the lyrics) and finally, a faster, bass-influenced upbeat section that segues into traditional vocals.

While she handled the ballad part with deft skill and elegance, when Lala picked up the pace some flaws started showing through. But then again, her vocals at the end were pure perfection.

My only complaint is: Lala should have worn something much crazier.

Coco Lee is a skilled singer and everything, but I really don’t want to hear someone sing “Price Tag” in a Chinese singing competition — again.

Hwang Chi Yeol sings entirely in Chinese for the first time. It’s Jacky Cheung’s 《一路上有你》, marking the second Jacky Cheung song of the night.

Finally, this week’s challenger singer, 苏运莹 or Sue Su, is up with her well-known single 《野子》 or “Wild Child”, which won her second place on the Chinese singing show “Sing My Song”. She also did a duet for “Wild Child” alongside Hebe Tien, forcing me to tag Hebe in this post. You can listen to the live performance here.

Sue Su is basically a wild child (who wears SMG!), skateboarding indoors and whatnot. She’s also a super talented singer-songwriter gifted with an amazingly unique voice.

Though I probably would have placed her around fourth/fifth place too, I just wish she qualified so I could see more of her craziness in the future episodes . . . :/



  1. Hacken Lee
  2. Coco Lee
  3. Hwang Chi Yeol
  4. Lala Hsu
  5. 苏运莹 (eliminated)
  6. Chief Chao
  7. Shin

On a different note, Lala Hsu, who placed fourth, preventing Sue Su from qualifying, expressed by far the most remorse by her leave. I feel like Lala definitely saw herself in Sue Su: they both debuted with a really well-known song from a singing competition, they’re both [talented] singer-songwriters, and in general Lala was almost attached to Sue Su, even comparing her to Picasso’s paintings.

Anyway, featuring next week . . . none other than the famed Taiwanese singer Jeff ChangTo stir up drama he has this throat problem but anyway #excited

But wait! Even though Grady Guan and the HAYA Band were eliminated, they are back with their respective returning performances.

Grady Guan returns with A-Mei‘s 《你是爱我的》, and he sounds better than ever. He handles the song with relative ease, and for once isn’t super nervous. A bit mellow, yes, but definitely better than his previous two performances.

The HAYA Band ends the episode with their nostalgia-filled song 《寂寞的天空》, which roughly translates to “Lonely Skies”. I can totally feel the emotion, even when I couldn’t understand the language in the first part. This was really good — so much better than all the dancing and high-note belting of the first episode.

In fact, if HAYA just sang this in an earlier performance, I totally would’ve rooted for them.

But that’s okay — we’ll see Guan Zhe, HAYA Band, and Sue Su at the breakthrough round a few months later.

— moon148

P.S. Ever wonder how tall Shin really is? Or how short Lala Hsu really is? Well, here you go:


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