[RECAP] I Am A Singer Season 4 Ep 2

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Not one, but two singers will be eliminated! DUN DUN DUN . . .

This week’s episode of I Am A Singer proved to be, well, reminiscent of previous seasons . . .

Finally, the uploader has made the episode available in my country. Thanks, Hunan TV.

I Am A Singer is funded by Vivo smartphones this season. So Lala Hsu and her trusty Mango TV manager whip out those Vivo phones and start taking selfies.


This week, Coco Lee gets to choose when she performs; she chooses to perform last. Everyone else picks up their heat-sensor cups, unsure of what to do.

Finally, when they pour hot milk into the cups, the truth is revealed:

IMG_0458And so the performances commence.

Lala Hsu starts off with JJ Lin‘s “Practice Love“, and I basically ranted about this over here. Ranting aside, however, it was a well-sung rendition yet lacked in arrangement and emotion. Still, it managed to be one of the better performances of the night, but Lala was at a clear disadvantage for going first.

Hwang Chi Yeol, like last week, performed second and turned out to rank second, too (also like last time). While I must admit that this performance was much more memorable than last week’s — at least I can understand Chinese — is there anything really special about his performances? He sounds nice and everything, but unless everyone else sucked or something I probably wouldn’t have voted for him. Sorry :/

P.S. From the way things look, Hwang Chi Yeol is gonna be huge. o.O

Grady Guan covers Stefanie Sun‘s 《神奇》 (“Mysterious”?), incorporating traditional instrumentals in the dance track. Guan Zhe does a decent job, really — but I kept trying to imagine Stefanie singing this song instead. >_<

The famous rocker Chief Chao covers Chinese rocker Wang Feng‘s 《飞得更高》with his vocal finesse. From my impression of the song, his cover sounds quite similar to the original. Still, he does a good job.

I imagine the Internet is raving about a small bird who learned to fly higher (一只小小小小鸟/飞得更高) . . .

Shin covers A-Mei‘s 《人质》, which has been covered quite a lot. The performance wasn’t bad or anything, but it sounds like he was just KTVing it . . .

Hacken Lee is back with Aaron Kwok‘s emotional ballad 《当我知道你们相爱》. Hacken Lee has a really nice voice; it probably sounds better than the original.

For this performance, the HAYA Band incorporated like 16 instruments or something . . . but that’s just how they roll. They did pretty good this week, but like last week, the lead singer’s vocals just aren’t all that impressive.

As I predicted, Coco Lee had her epic comeback this week. After the boring, flat, and bland singing, Coco Lee went out and actually performed.

And when it comes down to it, most of the singers’ singing abilities are generally all very good, as they are all, well, professional singers. So in the end, what the audience wants is a performer, not just a singer.

But, Coco: are you really sure you’re 18? -_-


  1. Coco Lee
  2. Hwang Chi Yeol
  3. Chief Chao
  4. HAYA Band (eliminated)
  5. Hacken Lee
  6. Lala Hsu
  7. Shin
  8. Grady Guan (eliminated)

An interesting side note: 

Coco Lee, who placed 6th last week, placed 1st this week; Lala Hsu, who placed 1st last week, placed 6th this week.

Chief Chao, who placed 5th last week, placed 3rd this week. Hacken Lee, who placed 3rd last week, placed 5th this week.

HAYA Band, who placed 7th last week, placed 4th this week. Shin, who placed 4th last week, placed 7th this week.

Oh, Hwang Chi Yeol . . .

Next week . . . featuring Princess Leia 苏运莹.

— moon148

P.S. Are we really going to have 9 performances running in Ep 3?



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