Lala Hsu covers “Practice Love” on I Am A Singer Season 4

This time around Lala Hsu performed the opening act — her take on none other than JJ Lin‘s “Practice Love“. It was . . . different, to say the least.

As the biased JM, of course I prefer the original. No doubt on that. But here are a few things I would like to point out:

  1. I mean Lala only had to perform first. Nervousness kicks in, and while it doesn’t mean much just yet, coupled with everything else, it really does make the difference.
  2. The arrangement that threw everything off: Lala’s performance of “Practice Love” actually really reminded me of A-Lin‘s “She Says” last year; out of all the things they changed when covering the respective JJ Lin songs, they decided to take away the beautifully done arrangements. -_-
  3. Where’s the bridge?! Personally, the best part of “Practice Love” is the bridge that connects . . . oh, I don’t know, the entire song? Instead, Lala went for a kind of “schmaltzy” or I guess “more traditional” take that . . . didn’t work.
  4. Lala actually did an amazing job phrasing the song. Alas, the arrangement . . .
  5. JJ Lin songs are no easy featWith a few exceptions, his songs are no easy feat to cover properly. Sure, they sound fairly easy — but that’s just JJ fooling with you. Like if you can properly sing a JJ Lin song you can win The Voice of China. 😉 (I think of all things, you guys should probably trust me on this.)
  6. What did I say about not singing love ballads?! Sigh . . .

I feel like a lot of the audience wasn’t able to accept this different rendition of such a well-known pop song. Lala definitely put her own thoughts into it, evoking a completely different feeling. While the original “Practice Love” is more heartfelt and basically tears up all the fangirls’ feels, Lala’s version definitely lacked that. Instead, in trying to make this more artistic than anything, it took away the heart and soul of “Practice Love”, replacing it with her own concept.

The thing is, the audience doesn’t want Lala Hsu singing another ballad because they already heard one last week. They want someone who is versatile, like, say, G.E.M. And while I perfectly understand that this genre is Lala’s forte, if she wants to impress the Chinese audience, she had better change it up. Otherwise, she might really become, in the hearts of the Mainland Chinese, “the second A-Lin” or something.

Still, sixth place?! Yikes . . .

— moon148

P.S. Initially I typed this as part of my recap for the entire episode, but then realized how unfair this would be compared to all my other recaps. So hey, it became its own post.

P.P.S. Word got out that Lala Hsu is performing Hebe Tien‘s “Learning From Drunk” next week! Which either means that Lala is finally changing it up or she really changed the song . . . or both!


Lala Hsu being her incredibly cute self.



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