Li Ronghao releases album medley for upcoming album “An Ideal”

Chinese singer-songwriter Li Ronghao recently released an album medley for his upcoming album “An Ideal” or 有理想, which directly translates to “Ideal”, but apparently Warner Music decided that there’s only one. 

The album will be released this Friday, January 22, and as Warner Music suggested after I get my finals over with I will listen on Spotify! 😀

Previously Li Ronghao has already released “Can’t Bear It” (or “Stubborn Love”), the theme song of the movie “You Are My Sunshine”, “Wild Animals”, and “Full House”.

The thing with Li Ronghao’s music is that you should give it several listens before judging whether you like it or not; I swear the more you listen to his songs, the better they sound. For example, I was initially completely unimpressed/ almost bored by “Full House” . . . but by LRH’s magical powers (probably) it sounds better at each listen.

For now I’m excited for “Mama & Papa” and “In My Heart”.


— moon148


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