[MV RELEASE] JJ Lin – “Twilight”

Not gonna lie — I basically spent the first few days in major fangirl mode. Oh well.

Where to begin? The song release? The MV?

So “Twilight” (or, as I have expressed earlier, “The Song Not Written for Anyone”) was released on Wednesday, and it definitely did not disappoint. In fact, after a few listens, I was basically hooked. But I suppose it wasn’t that impressive because I only listened to it like two hundred times. 

Its amazingness is indescribable, almost — the composition, lyrics, and “Twilight”‘s groundbreaking theme of recognizing the unnamed heroes brings about this awe around the song.

The powerful piano intro, paired with the accompanying strings, is definitely enough momentum for listeners to get sucked into “Twilight”.


kUYTcOH - Imgur
JJ being JJ Lin being a pro at the piano.

Except — it wasn’t until viewing the music video did I realize half the meaning of the song.

Say what?

When I first heard the preview that Hit FM supplies, I had failed to even comprehend the lyrics, what with JJ talking over the music and him extra-slurring each note sung. So when I got to hear the actual song, I actually paid extra attention to the initially unheard lyrics . . . but still did not truly understand what said lyrics expressed.

Then, I was more concerned over the fact that I could detect no “3D music” effect. “Twilight” was recorded in a big concert hall, therefore it was hard to tell — in fact, it sounds amazing without earphones, too.

(However, JJ has addressed such, even posting “If you thought the 3D effect was just this [referring to “Twilight”], then you have severely underestimated my ability!”)

Fittingly, the music video also partially took place in a concert hall. More on that later.

The video begins with an interview from popular Taiwanese emcee Huang Zi Jiao (Mickey Huang), marking his first music video appearance in 15 years.

Screenshot (57)Screenshot (49)Screenshot (48)

“Talk about the person you are most thankful for, the thing you are most thankful for.”

“Most thankful for . . . wow. There’s too many, just like the many people we don’t know in our lives. Each one of them . . .”

“There’s endless things to talk about, right?”


“Do you want to write out a table?”

“I write songs.”

^ Pardon my sucky translation, but this is one of the few times that I enjoyed the additional dialogue.

The music then starts, with JJ getting out of the car at the shore, but quickly cuts to a black-and-white scene.

What are the black and white scenes? Throughout the video, it cuts in between scenes of JJ and those moments. While seemingly random at first glance, each transition proves to bring out the hidden meaning within the song and lyrics.

The scenes depict everyday, ordinary people and their acts of unrecognized heroism.

Screenshot (56)

JJ’s repeated “他是誰” (or, as some may insist, “她是誰”), though ambiguous in the context of the song itself, is elucidated through the shaky snapshots presented in the MV. It’s shakiness, which gives off the effect of being shot with a phone and/or security cameras, starkly contrasts with the nearly cinematic scenes of JJ.

There are three main scenes with JJ: running, alone, in the twilight of the city, at the beautiful beach, and in the concert hall.

I’ve decided not to spoil for a change 😉

Screenshot (54)

As a whole: I LOVED THIS SO MUCH WHAT EVEN even if I found this simultaneously relaxing and distressing #whattheheck (Go. Listen. To. This. Now.)

It actually wasn’t until “Twilight” did I realize — JJ has changed. A lot. 

I’m not talking about the span of his career, or whatever, but just since “Lost N Found”, when I got sucked into JJ Lin. Most people get that his style of music and whatnot dramatically shifted with his change in management companies, but even within JJ’s timeframe at Warner he’s really changed from the person I initially fangirled over.

— moon148


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  1. I found the MV a bit cheesy especially in the beginning lol :b but love the song, it makes me so happy!


    1. moon148 says:

      Me too! I’m quite pleased with the new album, actually. What did you think of 有夢不難 and/or 關鍵詞?


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