JJ Lin releases MV for “Clan Wars” ft. Jimmy Lin

On November 25, JJ Lin released the music video for “Clan Wars” feat. Jimmy Lin a.k.a. the theme song for “Clash of Clans” (when it became accessible in China). A month before that, I was utterly disappointed by the song.

… as if I ever cared about it in the first place.

So. Back in October, the mobile game “Clash of Clans” was made available to users in China, and JJ Lin, Jimmy Lin, and actress Gao Yuanyuan were appointed celebrity endorsers. They all went on Happy Camp along with Nicky Wu, Zhao Liying, and William Chan, and yay! It’s officially promoted!

… and JJ also released this random track to promote the game. You know, kind of like “Lamando”. Except unlike “Lamando”, it . . . kind of sucked.

Oh yeah, and then JJ and Jimmy performed it on The Voice of China, and we got this beautiful pic:

3J! ❤

Now 3J is truly beautiful. Alas, the song . . .

So I listened to the thing once, and chose to ignore it. I mean, so long as JJ is earning the $$/RMB/TWD, then whatever.

Then why this post? Because I still feel the need to rant angrily about . . . how you really shouldn’t listen to “Clan Wars” . . . and . . . I think it sounds really bad . . .

From the biased JM’s POV, Jimmy Lin’s singing ruined . . . everything? (To be fair, his face kind of makes up for everything.) I can’t really identify what makes “Clan Wars”, well, bad, just that it sounds bad. I could say how Jimmy’s weak voice = forces JJ Lin to write a 口水歌 , and those types of songs just immediately open up the possibility.

Or, ignoring that, the rap at the end was sort of . . . erm. Well.

So then of course Bill Chia x BOUNCE comes around and films an MV. And then of course I put the video on repeat for 20 times.

Screenshot (31)
^After all, I still kind of have to fangirl over this. Ish. Sort of.

And you can always enjoy the ever-so subtle product placement — that’s always nice.

If you really did bother to watch the video/listen to the track and your ears got offended, please don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Do, however, note that if a JJ Lin fan found this sucky, clearly all his other music is much, much better.

But I can’t think about this for long, because JJ’s upcoming album is out on Christmas! It’s called “From M.E. to Myself” and the first promotional single is set for release on 12/02! Which makes me excited for school…? o.O

— moon148


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