Album Tracklist for JJ Lin’s upcoming album “From M.E. To Myself”


Rather excited for this, so here goes (in order to create some sort of anticipation, you will have to click “Read More” to find out):Add heading18 tracks? 18 tracks?! That’s right — 18 tracks.

There are actually 6 instrumental pieces (overtures, preludes, sinfonias) and 12 songs, 2 of which (Track #17 and 18) are previously released singles. Still, that’s a lot.

And that’s not it — if you’re planning on listening to the album, this is important: this is a 3-D music album. In other words, the first C-pop 3-D music album. Ever.

3-D music album? What is “3-D music”?

It involves “the virtual placement of sound sources anywhere in three-dimensional space, including behind, above, or below the listener”. So it can pretty much define setting and/or stimulate objects/a person/people around the listener. #3dmusic

Specifically in JJ’s case, using the dummy head recording technique, headphones or at least earphones are required for full effect.

Dummy head recording?

For JJ Lin’s 12th studio album a.k.a. his experimental album, he wanted to take the listener outside of the conventional recording studio? How? The dummy head.


I mean he could’ve at least asked us for permission?

As is apparent from the above photo, said dummy head is rather portable. For each of the tracks, JJ then took it around to various locations, including his bathroom, a live house, the car, a BBQ party (haven’t had those in years) . . .


Like basically JJ started living with the dummy head, which he personally designed himself. He called it “M.E.” — “Meta Enigma”. So it really is “From M.E. to Myself”!

Then after a lot of very expensive producing (from which 3 tracks went over the budget!) we have our album.

More details?

So on Tuesday, November 24, these extremely lucky fans/ producers/ people working in the media got to listen to 6 tracks off the album. #thewoesofaninternationalfan


Lyrics: Eric Lin

The first promo, set for release on Wednesday, December 2. As per usual, 《不为谁而做的歌》has nothing to do with “Twilight”; it translates to “The Song That Isn’t Written For Anyone”, which tbh sounds much better. “Twilight”? That’s just the nature of these Mandarin artists.

UPDATE: MV released 12/05/15!

It’s AMAZING ❤ so read my post here.

《只要有你的地方》By Your Side

Lyrics: Albert Leung (it’s Albert Leung, people. Albert. Leung.)

A.k.a. the theme song for the movie “The Secret”, which JJ himself is acting in, alongside Leon Lai, Wang Luo Dan, Sandrine Pinna (see this and you shall understand), etc.

See the MV for the movie here.

But it’s not just that — this is 3-D music, after all. “By Your Side” takes place in the bedroom, and we all get kissed in the end. *blushes*

UPDATE: MV released 01/20/16!

《弹唱》 A Song for You Till the End of Time

Lyrics: 张思尔 (the person who wrote all the lyrics on JJ’s debut album “Music Voyager”)

Once again, we have A Song Whose English Name Has Nothing to do With Its Chinese Name. Interestingly, it takes place in the bathroom. Hmm . . .

UPDATE: MV released 01/12/16! (and it’s a 360 MV!!!)

《有梦不难》Adolescent feat. Mike Chang, 周信延

Lyrics: Vincent Fang 方文山

What is JJ doing with Jay Chou’s personal lyricist? Actually, the four songs that Vincent has collaborated with JJ on (“Adolescent” being the fifth) are  all in the top ten of my favorite songs. #highexpectations

UPDATE: #highexpectationsmet #inawe

Mike Chang is Harry Chang 怀秋 (JJ’s wife, ofc) of Da Mouth’s little brother while 周信延 is a producer. They will do the rapping while JJ provides the background vocals.

On the plus side, the Chinese song name is kind of related to its English one.

UPDATE: MV released 12/21/16!

“Too Bad”

Lyrics: JJ Lin & Yvonne Lin

Takes place in the live house, presumably about a relationship. No Chinese song name to complain about, though.

It’s also the name of a Michael Jackson song 😉

《现在的我和他》No Longer Us

This is one of the very last songs JJ recorded. He was lacking inspiration and was going to just cut it with one less song than planned, but then he met up with a friend from his army days — a friend he hadn’t seen in 12 years.

Therefore, this is a duet with said friend. This song is also one JJ wrote (with his friend?) 12 years ago.

《独舞》The Lone Ranger

Lyrics: Wu Tsing-Fong (Sodagreen)

Loved all the previous JJ x Wu Tsing-Fong/ any singer x Wu Tsing-Fong collabs. 《独舞》translates more accurately to “Solo”, but “The Lone Ranger” sounds so epic I don’t care.

Final thoughts:

What are they gonna do for the music videos? JJ’s filmed 5 already. But what will they be like?

— moon148

UPDATE: Clearly everything else has been released ever since, including some songs not listed above.




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  1. lol this was funny to read. thank you for all the info! I didn’t know Wu Qing-Fong wrote the lyrics to The Lone Ranger. where are you from?


    1. moon148 says:

      You’re welcome! I have my sources 😉
      Unfortunately, I am not open to disclosing personal info about myself, although I feel that it is rather apparent that I am a 華僑 not residing in Asia. As it is Winter Break, I am currently out on vacation, so I won’t be posting for a while.


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