[REUPLOAD] G.E.M. 邓紫棋’s 《单行的轨道》 One Way Road MV

So. 《单行的轨道》. One Way Road.


In terms of “Just A Muse”, we’ve come a long way, haven’t we? The song, before its initial release, was pretty much the first actual content that I blogged about. I got overexcited when the official audio was released, automatically assuming that the music video was to be released the next day (because I’m such a klutz and forget about time zones -_-). I apologize for misleading you guys. 😥

Yet now that the actual music video has come out, well…

Watch it first (or not), and we can discuss, okay?

As always, G.E.M. looks stunning in her simplistic yet elegant attire, both along the train tracks and at the piano. It’s melancholy, nostalgic . . . and yet utterly disappointing. Why, G.E.M., why?

Don’t get me wrong here — I was, still am, and will still be a G.E.M. fan. Illogical media hate won’t change that. Yes, I expressed discontent in her “Long Distance” MV, both at the song itself, which lacked that “oomph”, and the so-so MV. It’s cute and everything, but I just felt that the song was overrated.

“One Way Road” is an AMAZING song, as I have frequently expressed earlier. From Lupo’s amazing arrangement that perfectly complemented G.E.M.’s powerhouse vocals, to the beautifully written yet heartbreaking lyrics that completely suited the soulful tone, any popularity it receives is completely justifiable — even with all that media attention. Just judging the music itself, I give this exquisite piece a rating of 97% (I actually don’t mind singers singing through their noses — my bias does that, too).

The music video, however, did the song absolutely no justice. There was no clear story, concept, or anything really — just shots of G.E.M. mixed in with a bunch of stock footage (“satellite time-lapse footage” supplied by Google, NASA, and the U.S. Geological Survey). With Earth Day approaching, the main point was to raise awareness of climate change and pollution, but it does not fit with the song at all. *cringes*

Advocating such is undoubtedly a good thing, and I get how the song could apply to the whole of humanity vaguely, but G.E.M. could have just done a separate video (or separate videos and actually speak Cantonese ^.^) on Earth Day. In addition, when advocating such, don’t just throw stock footage together.


《单行的轨道》, or at least my take on it now, is one of those songs that actually doesn’t NEED a music video, and probably is better off without a music video. In any case, the song and the music video just didn’t fit. On my own part, I feel that a simplistic music video just with the footage of G.E.M. walking along the train tracks, playing the piano, etc., would have been less cringe-worthy. It would have been slightly boring and still disappointing, but less so. Don’t take my word for it, though. What’s done has been done.

Oftentimes when I look at a music video, I’m searching for that feeling it gives off — the ones where everything occurs and is all-out crazy may give me a bit of a headache, but are generally still fun to watch. My favorites are definitely the concept videos, though what defines “concept” is a whole different story altogether. Stories, especially those that incorporate symbolism and leave room for interpretation are BAWS, too. As a rule of thumb, the “life of the party” and concert MVs irk me quite a bit, but when they’re really well done I’m willing to accept. What I’m saying is, while there are certain paradigms a music video usually fall within (including car commercials), I’m looking at the video as a whole as accompanying pieces and if the feeling is right, anything goes.

G.E.M.’s music videos are usually so thought-provoking, cinematic, and, in general, high quality. What happened here?


On the bright side, I actually quite enjoyed watching the BTS (kind of irritated by Tan Chang, though).



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