[REUPLOAD] Apparently, Harry Chang is a 鲁蛇 『大嘴巴 Da Mouth 「鲁蛇 Loser」MV』

Apparently “鲁蛇” (“lu she”) legit means “loser” in Chinese. I did not know that.

 Once again, to fit in with the whole “Back to the Future” theme (sometimes I truly wonder if Da Mouth really 「有事吗?」), we get some more 80s music! Actually, I do quite like 80s music anyway, but not if it sounds so generic! >_<

The song itself is pretty good, but it’s the music video that truly emulates the 80s. My guess is that the four of them legit time-travelled back to the 80s. I mean, did you see the screenshot? We’re really, really lucky they managed to get it in 1080p (so watch it in 144p first? :D), although according to commenters on YouTube there really isn’t that much of a difference.

Da Mouth’s new releases thus far have been pretty good, especially considering the whole 复古 aspect (although… “Swag” may or may not… oh, I’m just getting ahead of myself).  “Funky那个女孩” and “有事吗?” were rather cute songs to go along with, though they just weren’t as memorable. Yet out of the four, “Loser” is my favorite.

The melody and composition in general wasn’t really unique, yet it just sounds really good. Basically it sounds like what one would correlate to “80s music” — that is, even more so than the other two 复古 tracks.

As with songs off “Back to the Future” (though we’re still stuck in the past), the song/lyrics make it so that Harry and Aisa are singing to each other, either conversationally or in duet form (despite a lack of the latter). At some point MC40 will insert his rap (this one was pretty good), and basically the rest is incredibly predictable. While I’m liking the songs so far, I’m not sure how long it’ll take for me to get bored of the predictability of each track.

Harry: “可是baby,别叫我loser”

Aisa: “没有maybe,你就是鲁蛇”

Me: Uhhh…

Just listen to it, and don’t be a 鲁蛇.


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