[REUPLOAD] Da Mouth 大嘴巴, What Even?! [《有事吗?》MV]

If you so happened to have read my previous post on Da Mouth’s comeback last month — the whole post, that is, well, you probably know what to expect. 😉 (Or do you?)

The titular track of the new album 《有事吗?》,《有是吗?》is out, along with an all-new MV. Once again the English title of the track is not “Back To the Future”, but is “What the . . .”. And to that, I say, “What the . . .”

You know the drill.

If I’m being completely honest here, though, all I can really say about the song (and perhaps the video) is, “What the . . .”

In bringing us “Back To the Future”, Da Mouth has brought us nostalgia — or, in other words, ridiculously pixelated video game graphics and thick TVs. Aisa looks amazing and everything, but Harry Chang is the one who totally rocks the flower print (years of experience pay off in the long run). Meanwhile, 宗华 is the ever hardworking DJ (who is actually playing with toy cars, but let’s pretend we didn’t notice). MC40 . . . you drunk or something?

As for the video game . . .

It’s not even multi-player, even if four people make up the one player. So how does this Boys v. Girls thing work again? The player’s 1/4 girl and 3/4 boy? Also, if all love is gone, do you just die? >_<

(I'm still rooting for Aisa here . . .)
(I’m still rooting for Aisa here . . .)

I will, say, though, that the lyric placement was fairly (“fairly”) clever.

Everyone but Harry’s outfit is cute — the colorful geometric patterns work surprisingly well on everyone else. 怀秋, well . . .it looks like he got one of his husband’s more ridiculous outifts . . . and then forgot to match patterned clothing with a simple one-color piece. (Actually I recall JJ looking really nice at some awards thing wearing something similar, but with the contrast of both plain and patterned clothing).

One thing I forgot to mention in my “Funky” post– orange pants are not high fashion, Harry *coughs* — not in the 80s, nor in 2008 (you know who you are -_-).

General Musings: Harry, stop playing games! It’s like your addicted!


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