[REUPLOAD] Jay Chou 周杰论’s 《听见下雨的声音》 Rhythm of the Rain MV Review

moon148 is actually in the midst of re-uploading some older Just A Muse posts onto the newer Just moon148 blog. And what she’s learned was that if you post about Jay Chou, you will get views. XD

The sign reads: Rapunzel (long-haired princess), can you let down your hair?

While I usually take a ton of screenshots of my favorite MVs, this wasn’t one of my favorite music videos. In addition, I found A-Lin‘s cover to be better-sounding. Oh well :/

Still, take a look.

The general idea of the music video is quite similar to some of the earlier Asian dramas — in this case, the daughter of a rich businessman falls in love with a poor dude (not played by Jay Chou, who doesn’t even get any performance shots) who has to work at 7-Eleven to support himself (and probably his family, poor guy :(), but each time they encounter, the girl’s dad always comes in and shoos him away. The girl then gets forced on dates with the son of another businessman, and eventually even to marriage. Meanwhile, the dude has been saving up to buy his love a wedding dress and everything, but when he arrives at her mansion, she’s getting in the car to get married. NOOO

Halfway through the trip, the girl figures that something is wrong, and gets out of the car for that dramatic run back home. I’m surprised it wasn’t in slo-mo XD.

It . . . I don’t know, was too cliche..?

UPDATE: Apparently “Rhythm of the Rain” is the official theme song of the movie of the same name, but it was initially sang by 魏如昀; Jay Chou was the one who arranged/produced it. I’m preferring this MV, but Jay Chou’s version of the song.

General Musings: Is Jay Chou going to stop with his involvement in the general plot of his future MVs? Probably not, but I’m guessing there’s going to be far less interaction with the females, especially with him married and everything. (I’m preferring his old music videos over his new ones now…)

Thank goodness 怀秋 is cool with his “husband”‘s MVs. They’re just awesome like that.


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