[NON_C-POP] Disclosure’s “Magnets” ft. Lorde

It’s actually rather rare that I post of English songs on my own blog — and even rarer that I have time on a weekday to even ever complete a post.

While I hardly care for either Disclosure (never heard of them before lol) nor Lorde, I will say that: this was legitimately good.

I heard about this through its oh-so-shocking music video, though. All I can really do is shrug. 

One of the first things that I spot in the music video is: the red/purple moons. Which reminds me — I never got to see the blood moon >:(.


I question — does this take place on, say, a different planet?

Turns out that’s not so relevant after all.

Anyhow, what the Internet focused more on was the role Lorde acted in the MV. Basically, she seduces a married man, then kills him.

Fun? Fun.


Am I shocked? Eh . . . no.

What I quite liked, actually, was how the MV was filmed — how it seemed to be all in one shot, but, as you know, couldn’t have been taken in one shot.

Aside from that, however, it wasn’t particularly special or anything. Admittedly, I put this on repeat more than just a few times. Just . . . not exactly a big fan of all those “intimate”/”kissing” scenes. I’m never a fan of that sort of kissing . . . *cringes*

(In reality, I pretty much skipped them every time.)


The song is infinitely better than the music video, though that wasn’t too bad, either. It’s quite catchy, and I’m a big fan of the arrangement — it’s the sort of thing C-pop might lack a bit too much. I’m still not completely sure as to what Disclosure is; they (from the photo it’s two people?) produce music, but do they sing? IDK . . .

It’s also amazing production, too — totally hooked into the chorus. However, I don’t think I will ever be a big fan of Lorde’s peculiar singing style. Maybe she creeps me out a bit too much for my liking, what with her role as a seductress in the MV.

That expression: when you get a B on your test.

— moon148


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