09/27/15 Current Music Playlist

Whew! If you haven’t noticed, I pretty much haven’t posted in what seems to have been eternity. And that’s somewhat normal — I am on “semi-hiatus”, after all.

In reality, it’s been a bit less than a month. With the Mid-Autumn (Mooncake) Festival here, I finally squeezed out the time for a quick post.


Initially, I had planned to do a post regarding moon-related Mandopop songs — HIM recommends a playlist of their very own artists here — but alas, however enjoyable that would be, no time for me. 😥

Do, however, enjoy Harlem Yu‘s “The Moonlight That Can’t Be Turned Off”. It’s my own recommendation this year.

Oh, and prepare yourself for the deluge of celebrities all wishing you a happy Mooncake Festival!

吃柚子 过中秋 踩到脚 我尖叫 😱😱😱 哈哈哈 👏 👏 👏 中秋节快乐喔!

Eating pomelos Celebrating Mid-Autumn Stepped onto foot I scream 😱😱😱 hahaha 👏👏👏 Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

中秋节来看看书也是不错的! 祝大家中秋节快乐!#中秋快乐#

Reading on Mid-Autumn festival is also pretty good! Wishing everyone a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

#stillunusedtochinesehashtags# #whyjjsoadorbs#

Except . . . the rest isn’t even Mid-Autumn Festival related. 😥

I haven’t posted in pretty much forever . . . because I basically have no time! D:

Oops for revealing my age on the Internet, but high school is seriously stressful. I may lament, “Why was middle school so chill?”, or perhaps a few years from now, roll my eyes at my naivete, but the truth is, it just suddenly gets a lot harder. There’s never a time where “there’s nothing to do”. And let’s face it — school is sort of mentally draining. I’m there to learn, yes, but anyhow just note that my soul is basically darkened.

I know, I know. There is a LONG way to go here, and if everyone else pulled through, so can I. But already I’m seeing some rather drastic lifestyle changes. One of the more relevant is:

I don’t really listen to music while working/studying all that much anymore. Near the very beginning of the school year I recommended a playlist  to listen to while studying, and while I can’t say for others . . . it sort of backfired. It’s still played on occasion, especially since some of my teachers just love assigning “copy the word’s definition”, but even then there’s other aspects of the assignment that require more brainpower, and being focused on doing a tedious task like copying definitions makes me remember the definition — which means time to study for other things. Nowadays I can totally focus on my work without any background music. I guess I just needed that little push.

So instead, when I’m not doing school-related work I’m listening to music. Not gonna lie — these days I feel as if I’m going insane. How do I retain what morsel of sanity I may have left inside me? Listen to music. Basically, I leave around 30 min.  before bed to just relax and that’s pretty much it.

I haven’t really addressed this, but you might have guessed that pretty much 80% of all songs I listen to are JJ Lin songs. Especially now that I’m going insane, the attraction increases every day. So if I’m sharing my “Current Music Playlist” . . . consider yourself warned.

Here we go (我想了十几个夜晚 我想我一直都在想/ I’ve thought for more than ten nights  I think I’m always thinking):

(Actually, I don’t really listen to “就是我” all that much, but go ahead and see it here.)

Even then, this playlist isn’t even all that accurate, because a lot of the (JJ Lin) songs that I tend to listen to don’t even have legit MVs accompanying them. This isn’t truly my list of “current favorites”, hence not labeling it that way, but it’s what I’ve been putting on repeat a lot recently.

You might have noticed: there’s not that many ballads here. Fiona Sit still gets credit, though. Artists like A-Lin, Tanya Chua, and Stefanie Sun are nowhere to be seen. Why? Because I just haven’t been listening to them all that much. 😥 As to the lack of ballads, I feel as if my musical tastes are constantly shifting. Especially since I’m a bit stressed here, the music’s getting increasingly . . . er . . . rowdy (who says that, anyway? me?).

Most of these are actually Jay Chou and JJ Lin songs, especially their older ones (Cao Cao, Mermaid, Bullet Train, K-O, Fearless…) . However, I did include Jay’s latest MV release “One Breath” (Aiyo, but it’s actually not bad). “Black Keys” obviously made it. Otherwise, with tracks like Lala Hsu‘s “高空弹跳” or Kay Tse‘s “势不两立”, *whispers* it’s actually more for the MVs. I can stare blankly at them to relax.

Others not on the playlist (these are all by JJ because duh): 听不懂没关系 (It’s OK If You Don’t Understand), 压力, 街道, 主角, 白兰花 (Streets Old Shanghai), 盗 (Thou Shall Not Steal), 无法克制 (Obsession)

And finally, Jolin Tsai‘s “Miss Trouble”. Which brings me to this — when I first heard said song “Miss Trouble”, I honestly felt that it was a hot mess of a song — that is, worse than “Play”, which pretty much lives off the MV, and by itself frankly sounds rather sh*tty. But it got better (?) My friend explained to me that there was this thing where when she first hears a song she’s all “ewww”, then listens to it again, and again, and again and again (because it’s now addicting). Honestly, I don’t know.

— moon148


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