BY2: “你没爱过我”

Oh, have we ever? How far does our love for BY2 go? Or does it end at the music videos? (JUST. KIDDING.)


At this point, I’m basically convinced that Ocean Butterflies is truly bankrupt (that seems to be the theme of every BY2 post from now on, doesn’t it?). To be fair, though, all things considered it was acceptable and, okay, pretty good.  At the very least, it was definitely in the top three. >.<

So we get Director 黄中平 back, and all I can say is thank goodness. But before I make how hopeless Ocean Butterflies is the real point of my post, I’d like to address the actual song “你没爱过我”.

Both the song of lyrics of “你没爱过我” (something along the lines of “You’ve Never Loved Me”) were written by BY2 themselves, therefore fans were all awaiting this song’s MV — although that was probably before “爱我就大声说” was released and shattered everyone’s hopes. Having seen the low-budget of the low-budget MVs (*coughs*), this then definitely didn’t disappoint.

Yet in terms of the song itself? What I, or what the audience, should appreciate is how BY2 is really working hard to improve — their vocals, dancing (although that was never justified), songwriting, etc. In truth they still have a lot to improve on, but this is definitely a great start. One day BY2 might really be appreciated for their high-quality music as opposed to being regarded as “yet another idol group”, or being known for getting cosmetic surgery, if they really keep this up. I’m still supporting BY2 through their songs (and I suppose my blog posts) because they really do have a long way to go.

The lyrics were fine — fit the song well enough, and basically expressed the idea that “You’ve Never Loved Me”. Oftentimes I care far more about the song itself rather than the lyrics, although if the lyrics are good (AND the song is good in the first place) it’s a good bonus. However, I doubt I’d ever like a song just because the lyrics really touched me — it has to sound amazing, too, As long as the lyrics aren’t strange or even overtly messed up, then if the song is good, it’s a good song.

Which brings me to my point — this is what BY2 should practice: composing their songs. They could improve on their lyrics, too, perhaps make them more interesting or stand out more, but I suggest that they try and do more compositions in order to really improve. It’s really not a bad start, though.


“你没爱过我” is written as a rock ballad. It expresses the pains and the agony from the realization that they’ve never truly been loved. Loneliness shines through. And this is where the composition comes into play — what sort of tempo, melody, dynamics, etc. fit together to express this state? This emotion? Lyrics are merely just a form of making it all the more obvious.

I have to say — Yumi and Miko really did it. It lacks that sort of smoothness their other songs have, but that’s sort of the point. There’s that clear build-up of emotion, too. Both of them clearly really put their efforts into it, and are clear with what they’re expressing — especially since they were the ones who wrote the song themselves.

It then reveals BY2’s dilemma — their vocal limitations. If you’ve heard songs off their previous albums, and then heard songs off the latest “Cat and Mouse”, you know they’ve improved — a lot. Unfortunately, it was still slightly apparent, especially at the lower notes. Yet at the same time, the “grunge” or “flaw” in their voices in a way propelled the song forward — the fact that their voices were strained was another representation of their inner turmoil and struggle, or that they were so emotional it came out naturally. You know what I mean?

Another flaw of the song is that it’s a bit hard to catch; that is, I had to listen to it quite a few times to sort of remember what it sounds like, and even then, I have to really concentrate to really remember it. In fact, I might as well have a stronger impression of the violin portion rather than the song itself. It’s almost like a scratch in my mind that’s almost faded, but I can still remember all the feeling that went along with it.

Song Rating? 84%

The Music Video

Not gonna lie — we’re all inclined to complain, scream a big fat “WHY”, and/or hope that BY2 will just friggin’ switch companies.

But? It was still much better than the previous two MVs.

Once again it’s mostly just drawings combined with performance shots. Yet perhaps because of the director, while it’s still as low budget as heck, at least the drawings were pretty and there was costuming.

Although that does make me wonder . . . what was the costuming, anyway?


Is the dress . . . made out of plastic strips? Recyclables?

Oh well, I guess. :/

But I truly did enjoy the drawing/ animation portion; it was somewhat reminiscent of 女也 (herstory w/ Mayday).

— moon148

NOTE: Probably you’ve already assumed that I’ve started school, etc. Let me tell you that . . . HIGH SCHOOL HAS OFFICIALLY DARKENED MY SOUL 😥


These posts will either be more scheduled, or more spontaneous, depending on how things all get sorted. I’m not completely sure. But I really do want to continue this! I know I don’t get all that many views or anything, but I’ve truly enjoyed the experience thus far.

I guess I’m going so semi-hiatus then? :/


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