Super Conflicted over AMIT’s【冲突得很 Super Conflicted】


Ever since this year’s GMAs, I’ve had an especially poor impression of A-Mei. Despite telling myself that I would never listen to A-Mei/ AMIT again, here I am with her latest MV release【Super Conflicted】. Why did I ever think to give it a chance? In the end, it’s to reaffirm that I probably shouldn’t anymore.

For one, just seeing this made me want to question “WTF is this sh*t”, “WTH is wrong with the Cpop industry”, and more importantly, scream “WHY”. A-Mei = totally ruined 😥

This is mostly the music video speaking, yet moon148 has decided that, for the sake of her blog, she will sacrifice her sanity and include screencaps. (It’s not that bad because moon148’s gotten the more . . . er . . . normal stills)


Okay, she’ll say it here: moon148 was thoroughly disturbed by above MV. She honestly doesn’t care if it’s incredibly unique, or creative, artistic, or incorporates symbolism at all it’s corners (it probably does). Heck, she would way prefer one of those “generic” MVs over this because this is just stepping over the limit. In terms of what? Her sanity.

But then moon148 realizes: this is how A-Mei’s been memorable. Probably shouldn’t have been surprised, what with the headless pianist (in the end, a headless pianist is the least scariest thing in the universe).

And here moon148 has noticed that she’s stumbled upon a pattern: it’s yet again another of those memorable (*coughs* disturbing) MVs paired with a rather unmemorable background track.


At the same time, it’s type that moon148 honestly doesn’t want to listen to again, but has completely forgotten what it sounded like in the first place. She just . . . has a bad impression.

Can this song get any duller? Flatter? Blander? What is the melody, anyway? Where did it go? Do songs not need melodies anymore? The arrangement and background instrumentals are okay . . .

Instead this sort of song forces whatever listeners it might have to focus on the singer’s voice . . . and in this case, moon148’s never liked A-Mei’s hoarse, raspy voice. To others it may or may not have some “unique quality”, but to moon148 it sounds dissonate and her ears dislike it.

(Despite so, it’s still better than “Heartbeat” . . .)

One thing she will admit is that the lyrics seem to be rather meaningful, branding various concepts as opposites to represent being “super conflicted”.

i.e. 哲学是人类发明 最复杂又最简单的逻辑/ Philosophy is the most complicated and simplistic logic invented by humans

But, she’s always been one to appreciate compositions far more than whatever lyrics they might hold, especially when those lyrics are in a language she understands. In addition, moon148 feels that these disturbing visuals and seemingly meaningful lyrics . . . are too forced. It’s not coming out naturally, or dare she express, isn’t . . . genuine? (That is, AMIT isn’t truly “super conflicted”, but is just flatly singing this sh*t out. Where did any emotion go?)



Song? 37%

Music Video? 51%

— moon148


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