ELLA [OF S.H.E.]? Just【差一点Almost】

So this song is the theme song for some movie【缺角一族】, but if you just saw the music video without reading the video title you probably would’ve never known. Instead of putting in cut scenes from the film like the MVs for most theme songs, HIM (S.H.E. is under HIM’s management) instead filmed a cute and creative piece featuring mini arcade games and ELLA‘s solo album【WHY NOT】to not only promote the album but also make the MV incredibly memorable.


Unfortunately, it’s memorable MV was accompanied by a rather unmemorable track. At best, the song was sufficient as background music; just minutes after watching the music video I had completely forgotten what it had sounded like. Similarly, with a lot of ELLA’s earlier solo releases, I can actually remember what happened in each songs’ music video, but aside from【Wasted Tears】, not the song itself. The thing is, while I really do enjoy music videos, there’s a reason why I generally don’t put them on mute; in addition, MVs are supposed to serve as visual representations of the music video that bring out the song, NOT overshadow it. And let’s face it: ELLA doesn’t even do those crazy Jolin Tsai – styled MVs (plus if anything, the Queen’s songs are memorable okay), so the MVs themselves don’t bring about a lot of discussion either. (Yes, I saw【WHY NOT】, but it’s only one MV.)

But anyhow, in order to legit review the song, throughout the course of writing this post I’ve been repeatedly playing 【Almost】 . . . and now it’s annoying when I hear it, but once I don’t I completely forget the song’s melody.

Some things I did manage to catch:

  1. The song starts off with some relatively low notes. As with 75% of the female singers in the Chinese music industry, ELLA has an inability to reach those low notes without sounding incredibly breathy or lacking power. When singing KTV, I have that problem, too, so it’s totally cool. Just . . . I mean, these song composers should maybe have noticed something?
  2. ELLA’s voice sounds . . . strained. The song sounds pretty flat to me, too. “Can you sing as well as she can?” you may ask. But I’m not an international superstar, so shut up.
  3. Let’s face it: ELLA has a weak voice. It doesn’t sound particularly unique, either. In my previous post I criticized both Twins‘ and another girl band’s singing abilities, and I’ll admit it here: I was referring to S.H.E. (And now I just pissed off a huge section of Mandopop fans). I will say, though, that S.H.E.’s singing ability is definitely better than Twins’, though still not good enough. But I already knew that. Yet I listened to her other stuff anyway, because why not. Not to be surprised or anything; Rainie Yang can’t sing to save her life, yet I still watch her MVs.
  4. Probably the majority of her music should be that quiet, soothing type. There’s this thing called vocal limitations. As for how ELLA’s songs could sound better (more memorable), get that composer who wrote【Wasted Tears】?
If you sharpen used popsicle sticks, chocolate will come out!

Song? 65%

Music Video? 89%

But wait — I’m not just done yet here. Having described the music video as creative, I will address that it rather reminded me of Namie Amuro’s 【Golden Touch】MV (yes, that same Namie Amuro who collaborated with Jolin Tsai). I’m not implying anything, but figured I could do a comparison and review【Golden Touch】at the same time.

Take a look for yourself.

One of the biggest differences between the【Almost】and【Golden Touch】MVs is what differentiates 【Golden Touch】from other MVs, actually. Golden Touch has since then garnered quite a lot of views on YouTube for such a difference; it requests that you put your finger in the center of the screen for the entire length of the video.

On one hand, that’s incredibly creative, and there’s definitely interest when the audience themselves are interactive. But the reason why this hasn’t been showing up on other MVs is because there are people in the world who are like me. That is, they’re too lazy to put it there, because, well, laziness, but also they don’t want a smudge in the center of the screen by the end. So? ELLA Chen’s【Almost MV】is a good alternative; it still retains that cuteness with close-ups that we like whilst incorporating action (plus her new album) that we can just watch.

Still, both are incredibly cute and memorable. Unfortunately, the track【Golden Touch】has that exact same problem 【Almost】had; I totally remember the music video but completely forgot the song. Again, the song ultimately should be more important than the MV (then I remember BY2 and don’t know what to say anymore), because the song you can download/purchase to listen to while exercising, perhaps blast it in the car, or put on repeat if you really like it, while the music video you’d probably only see at most few times.

I have to say, though, that 【Golden Touch】seems to sound better, though it’s pretty faint, too. I guess I like the background instrumentals more. It also seems to be in half Japanese and half incomprehensible English (plus the “You got the Golden Touch” she sings). At least Namie’s voice is unique and refreshing.

One thing I dislike, however, is how it’s quite repetitive. But whatever — it’s ample as background music.


Song? 71%

Music Video? 86%

— moon148


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