Twins releases 《SNS》MV

. . . and moon148 is actually somewhat impressed.

Cantopop duo Twins‘ new album is definitely going along with a more trendy theme, what with their previous release 《LOL》 (although — we are never “laughing through the night”) and more related songs to come. In this case, SNS stands for “Social Network Service” the same way LOL stood for “Laughing Out Loud”. But if moon148 is going to be honest here . . .

What “Social Network Service”? But . . . whatever.sns2

Now moon148’s been a fan of the actress Charlene Choi since pretty much forever, having found out about A-Sa through her movies and decisively not “Little Dimples”. However, having heard “Little Dimples”, moon148 was rather appalled to find out that A-Sa can’t really sing. Like, at all. Don’t get me wrong — “Little Dimples” is still all sorts of amazingness (obviously), but you can sort of tell it’s clearly a 口水歌.


Gillian Chung, on the other hand — that is, the other member — moon148 to be honest doesn’t really care for. Sorry but this is purely for our goddess A-Sa here. And, if you don’t know anything about Twins (I don’t either so), I’ll confirm this: they aren’t made up of twins. LOL.


Upon hearing this, my reaction was: wait but this is actually really cute and catchy. Whattttttt

It’s that contradiction between “neither of them can sing” and “this legit sounds okay”. It’s definitely not the first time; with improvements in technology (remember it’s a studio recording), if you get a capable songwriter and producer, then even if one’s singing is . . . erm . . . bad, it would still sound pretty good.

I feel like they have the same problem with another girl group I’m sure any C-pop fan knows of (and now I risk pissing off their fans but oh well); all their voices are 1) generic-sounding and 2) they can’t harmonize to save their lives (have you heard their “woah”s?). Yet at the same time they get many listeners because for whatever reason, despite their inability to sing, their songs legit aren’t that crappy. (Then I remember this one song that I heard everywhere and started hating.)

《LOL》might have been pretty bad, but I was actually somewhat impressed by 《SNS》. It’s as flat as heck, yes, because otherwise either A-Sa or Gillian Chung wouldn’t be able to pull the song off, but still incredibly polished and just nice to listen to. But more importantly, it serves as background music for the music video.

BONUS: A-Sa “raps” in Mandarin lol


Just considering their singing ability, my guess is that the company will put a lot of effort into the music videos (although the music video for 《LOL》wasn’t very good either), because that’s the sort of stuff that attracts plenty of fans. This MV was incredibly adorable, creative, and by the end, I actually wanted to put the video on repeat. I absolutely loved how the lyrics were incorporated as status updates, and, later switched out to text messages. Everything was just so cute, and, if anything, just watch it!



Song? 73%

Music Video? 99.9%

— moon148


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