More BY2 releases on the way . . .


Let’s face it: Ocean Butterflies is bankrupt.

I could complain of these quality music videos here, but just take a look for yourself:



(You don’t even have to watch these music videos. Just look at the thumbnails!)

This makes “Back in the Days” and “Cat and Mouse” look really good. 

I’m even going to rate these music videos (though: be prepared for more complaining). If you saw them you’d likely know why. >_<


The problem with this song’s MV is that it also gave me a pretty bad impression of the song itself. Unfortunately, listening to it without watching the music video still failed to improve how the song sounded initially.

What I’d like to point out:

  1. It’s actually a collaboration between BY2 and some artist (rapper maybe?) who I don’t know.
  2. The song and lyrics were actually written by BY2 and this artist. Unfortunately, they did a rather mediocre job. Props to BY2 for at least trying, though.

What I dislike about this song is definitely the other person’s part; the rapping was what made me cringe. Again, I don’t listen to rap, but I didn’t like how this sounded. I’d like to highlight the lyrics here:

What am I to do


还不如 BY2

Rough English translation (these lyrics didn’t make sense in Mandarin either so):

What am I to do

Too much love to contribute (to you)

Not even as good as BY2

Me: wut

Another part that I didn’t particularly like was the arrangement. And unless you’re someone like Eason Chan who can really sing, you’re basically dead without a good arrangement. I’m not saying it was bad, but I’m just not a fan of it. I think it just highlighted that Yumi and Miko’s voices are both weak, and at the same time gave me a headache. Yet if they belted out the notes my head probably would’ve pounded so hard. >_<

The song . . . was way too repetitive. In general songs are repetitive, but not so much. Maybe I haven’t heard enough to really judge that just yet. But for me, it just was. I think the reason why I would be inclined to complain is not because of its repetitiveness, but because I didn’t really like how it sounded in the first place. On the other hand, if a song was really well written, then it should repeat itself.

The rap nearing the end, too, was strange.

Do you feel me (yeah)

Can you work my body (Work that body)

So you want some (I want some)

Are you nice or naughty (naughty)

So you need me (I need you)

So come and work my body (Work that body)

Me: umm

And so on, and so forth.

Song Rating? 58%

As hinted in the thumbnail, the music video features some cartoon/ animation thing (that followed a really floppy comic book thing). . . which didn’t work. My guess is that it saved money (because Ocean Butterflies is bankrupt), but they could’ve at least gotten more polished drawings or something.

But nah. Instead we get this.

What. The. Heck.

These sort of animated/ hand-drawn music videos can be really, really well done, too, if you have the money and resources. If you’re looking for some sort of comparison, look at this beautiful still:


Or this:




I have to say, 《温柔最痛》was much better — both in terms of the song and music video. 《温柔最痛》is an emotional ballad that really brings out Yumi and Miko’s voices — and what little experiences they’ve had with love. It’s incredibly simplistic — yet I like it. The lyrics, too, were penned by the talented 姚若龙. Love the piano instrumentals!

I really can’t say much about the song — but it’s really good! Just listen to it! (When something is really good, you don’t always need some sort of justification. It just worked. )

Song Rating? 97%

Unfortunately, the music video didn’t do it any justice at all. It’s definitely way prettier (*coughs* better) than the previous MV, but nothing happened. At best, it would make a very boring lyric video.

And, yeah, okay, it reflected on Ocean Butterflies financial situation, which is, to say, not that stable. Seriously though.

Nowadays, artists’ music videos are actually very important. They don’t have to be especially creative or anything (though I would appreciate that), but in general artists tend to spend more money on this sort of thing because that’s how they in general impress fans. If I just found out about BY2 today through 温柔最痛, I probably wouldn’t become their fan, even though I know that the song sounds amazing. Also, just considering that BY2 is like the most popular artist still under Ocean Butterflies, the company should really at least try and put more effort into this sort of thing.

That is, if they just did better music videos, then I can pretty much guarantee that they would be far more popular.

I’m already somewhat . . . speechless at OB Music. moon148 suspects something . . .

(I was going to rant about how they should just end their contract and just move to a different company. Linfair Records seems to be a good choice.)

— moon148


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