[RANTS OF MISCELLANY] This thing called a power outage

It might be that time of the year again when we’re sobbing at why has summer gone by so quickly and why haven’t we done anything, but at least at where I live, the heat wave isn’t going anywhere soon. These days I’m basically forced to eek out an existence (not) in my air-conditioned home because otherwise I would basically melt — not that it would make that much of a difference.

Unfortunately, even after the sun goes down, the temperature doesn’t . . . really. Obviously it, to some extent, does, but we’re talking how hot it feels here.

This is likely just plain complaining, because at least I don’t live in the southern part of the states, and, really, I’m just rather heat-sensitive. But, yes, it really did surpass the boiling point of water, which, let me tell you, is hot enough. By nightfall, it goes down to the high 80s (ºF)/ the high 20s (ºC), but we’re still reliant on air conditioning.

So, when you have this thing called a power outage?

I cry, my friends, I cry.

It all started when the family sat at the living room, munching on a variety of fruit whilst watching TV. What TV, you ask? The latest episode of 蒙面歌王, which is obviously adopted from the South Korean singing competition.

At the showdown between singers “流浪者” and newly instated “普罗米修斯” (more than likely singers Sha Baoliang and Aska Yang, who were on Season 1 of “I Am A Singer”), 普罗米修斯 was pronounced winner of particular round when suddenly the TV screen flickered and everything in the room went dark.

That is — for the first time in my life, I experienced a power outage at night.

Two things:

  1. Thank goodness we decided to save the amazing 极限挑战 (Go fighting!) for later, because otherwise I would’ve been pissedUPDATE: No episode was released this week. My guess is that it’s because of the explosions in Tianjin. 😥 Pray for them!
  2. Dude but 流浪者s performance was so much better. Sure, I listen to Aska Yang’s music far more than Sha Baoliang’s, but in terms of that round . . . *sighs*. See, even the power agrees with me! UPDATE: 普罗米修斯’s second performance was amazing though.

In truth, the power likely went out because it was so hot, not because 流浪者 unjustly lost that one round or whatever (although . . . that means he’s in danger of elimination :'().

It was literally pitch black for a while, before we finally realized that by turning on our mobile phones, we could get enough light to move around. We then looked around, trying and failing to find any legit flashlights.

NOTE: If you set the brightness to the highest for maximum light, for obvious reasons, try to not look directly at the screen as much as possible.

That’s where it basically ends — I could complain of how weird it is taking a shower and/or brushing my teeth in the dark, but I’d rather not. We all went to sleep, though it was a bit warm. The next day there was power, and here I have this post.

Oh yay!

In order to make this more meaningful, or perhaps incorporate more content, I am highlighting that it is K-pop rapper/singer-songwriter/record producer G-Dragon‘s birthday today. He’s one of the members of popular K-pop group BIGBANG, and, okay, he deserves a mention.

This has nothing to do with a power outage, but do remember that this is mainly an entertainment blog. This is merely a crooked post.

Not that I’m becoming his fan or anything

— moon148


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