YouTube’s video player becomes transparent + The Voice of China is blocked on YouTube?!

Let’s admit it — we all go on YouTube A LOT. So by now you’ve more than likely noticed that the video player has become, well, transparent.

If you really do insist that you are one of those people who don’t really watch YouTube (though it would be less likely, considering that you somehow came across this blog), you can see it here.


How does it look? Better? It seems to be a more sophisticated design, or at least much sleeker, what with the bar floating on top of the video instead of underneath. In addition, a lot less pixels would be used with the design like this.

On the other hand, I was already used to the old, thicker bar, so really I’m not all that amazed or anything. In terms of aesthetic appeal, they’re about the same.

The difference this does make, however, is that if you pause the video (to take a screenshot) the bar and the video controls don’t go away.


The old bar stayed, too. I know. But that one I’ve always cropped out. youtube3

However, considering that it doesn’t look all that bad, I guess that’s okay. Oh well.

If anything, it gives me an excuse to use more GIFs.

The other thing I wanted to address in this post was that The Voice of China seems to be blocked on YouTube. Normally, watching The Voice is on a weekly basis — the episode comes out on Friday, and I watch it with the family on Friday night. But I was rather impressed by Wang Di’s performance (AND he sang a Tanya Chua song okay) from the most recent episode, and wanted to re-watch it.

Then this came up:


While The Voice of China isn’t one of those shows that I really need to watch, and I could probably make a better use of my time anyway, I was rather shocked, and maybe a little pissed, too, because the show was averaging about 1 million views per episode (because Jay Chou). But nooooooooo. There’s a copyright claim by Talpa_TheVoice.

So I went and looked at ZheJiang TV’s official YouTube channel, and this is what I saw:


Oh yeah, just delete all the videos. That’s totally going to do The Voice of China good. Yeah, no. -_-

All I can say is, this is why HunanTV has always dominated. I mean, just look at their YouTube channel page:youtube6

Weekly show expresses! Dad, where are we going? Season 3!
Weekly show previews! Playlists to promote your new show!
HunanTV Shows with English Subtitle? That’s right, they’ve gone international. Chinese Bridge? It really doesn’t hurt that there’s a show promoting Chinese popular culture.
Happy Camp! Happy Camp! Happy Camp!

Organization is everything, people. Deleting things is not.

(I might have to reflect on that.)

— moon148


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