JJ Lin releases single “Roll On” for upcoming movie “To The Fore”

Now I was already looking forward to “To The Fore”, what with its promising cast — Eddie Peng, Shawn Dou, Siwon Choi (of K-pop group Super Junior), cellist-actress Ouyang Nana, Wang Luo Dan, etc., and its famed director Dante Lam. In addition, Emperor Motion Pictures is known for their high-quality productions. Just watching the trailer in the later part of later part of last year already got me hyped. The movie is set to be released on August 6, but starting August 7 it’s set to be showing in AMC Theatres, too . . .so I now have no excuse to not go.

The director Dante Lam was actually already considering doing a coming-of-age cycling film all the way back in 2000 (what could be considered the “modern-day” “Breaking Away”), but it wasn’t until 15 years later did it truly happened.

In order to portray professional cyclists, the actors had to undergo months of intensive training. No wonder Eddie was suddenly biking all the time. Within the six months of filming, shooting took place across multiple countries (Taiwan, HK, Mainland China, South Korea, Italy, etc.), and the actors had to cycle 100,000+ km (62,000+ miles!) for the movie. And they all had to shave their legs, too.

And, okay, the fact that they cut a teaser just to feature JJ Lin’s hit “You N Me” definitely didn’t hurt.

With Wang Luo Dan cast the romance aspect is basically guaranteed, which above teaser sort of highlights. There’s going to be a lot of arguing, heartbreak, even a love triangle. It’s not going to be all fun and games. Consequences exist. But in the end, this is sure to be inspirational.

Despite not having the best start, I think it’s safe to say that thus far, 2015 has been a good year for JJ Lin. July 2015 in particular (and all the other months with all the music video releases :3), however, was basically bliss for all JMs alike. No joke there — after the epicness called the “Black Keys” music video in June, JJ was not only featured in the July 18th episode of Happy Camp, but also released not one but THREE singles.

That’s right — though “You N Me” had already been featured in an official teaser, the production team decided to up the ante by inviting JJ himself to sing an all-new song, “Roll On” — that is, the theme song of the movie, which was released on the 20th.

The Chinese name of the movie, “破风”, refers to the 破风手, or the “pace-setter”. Yet for the song, JJ Lin was musically the “pace-setter”.

“Roll On” was both composed and produced by JJ Lin, while Yvonne Lin wrote the lyrics. As to the pace JJ wanted it to be more free-spirited so opted for the Motown/ R&B style. JJ is definitely very experienced when it comes to R&B, but this was actually the first time he’s experimented with the Motown 曲风.

The Mandarin title of “Roll On”, 《你,有没有过》, gave me the impression that it was going to be yet another emotional love song (prior to the preview release) — which it is definitely not.

Just listening to the “30 sec” preview (which was actually only a bit over 20 seconds because of the “Hit FM! Hit FM!” announcement that took SO LONG) made me VERY VERY hyped for July 20th. The song, despite sounding rather different than what one expects from JJ Lin, is AMAZING. AND we got to see him experiment with a whole new style of music. His falsettos (which I found out from the track “Woo”) actually sound good.

All I can say is: go listen to it! And, if you’re not too busy, find a time and check out the movie “To The Fore”!

AND okay they did a mini-photoshoot, too.

Song Rating? 95%

— moon148


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