BY2 releases titular track of new album, “Cat and Mouse”

While most artists like to release the titular track/ music video of their upcoming album as the first promo (unless, well, the new album has no titular track), BY2 has opted to make it its second release instead. Why? So we would all await what they’ve learned from the hardcore training they’ve undergone . . . and be plain disappointed. Welp.

As I have written earlier, BY2 is generally more in their element with their dance vids . . . but not in this case. The thing is, this is the only dance video I’ve seen directed by 黄中平 . . . ever (yes it’s that same MV director again). He’s done some absolutely amazing videos (especially story-like, cinematic ones), but he apparently can also do some fairly sloppy dance videos, too.

Just think about it: Jolin Tsai got 黄中平 to direct the music video for “Wandering Poet”, but wonder why he doesn’t ever do any of her dance ones?

And now I feel guilty for even criticizing the MV. :'(
And now I feel guilty for even criticizing the MV. 😥

But just the way it was filmed . . . was basically like a music video for a love song, almost, with randomly cut-in dance scenes . . . that weren’t even that impressive. For one, the outfits . . . weren’t all that good-looking; yellow and blue tend to not go all that well together, and the black and white cat outfits . . . looked cheap and unauthentic (especially the tail and ears). I way preferred the scenes that took place in the house, EVEN THOUGH it looked like scenes from a love song MV. AND that same dude who was also in “Back in the Days” . . . sort of weirds me out.

That is, to say, this MV was in general stranger and sloppier than “Back in the Days”.

I'm so sorry :'(
I’m so sorry 😥

Aside from the way the music video was poorly filmed and the outfits weren’t all that great, the choreography was somewhat lacking, too. In what, you say? Just considering that they especially went to the U.S. to train, and how great the 舞曲 sounded, the choreographers really could have done something better.

I know it definitely wasn’t easy on BY2 — or any of the backup dancers — as they spent over 24 hours filming the thing AND were wearing some pretty high heels. But, well . . .

Yeah, we all WAY preferred the “No Reason” music video. 😥

The Song

Now before you get discouraged from watching the music video, I have to say that if anything, the song is amazing. Like I actually went and downloaded it on my phone. In terms of just the song, everything — from the lyrics and composition to the arrangement and production, was on point. The first time in I thought it was pretty good, but after the second and third time I just totally immersed myself into it and was putting it on repeat.

One thing that especially caught my attention was that the lyrics were, in part, written by Luke “skywalker” Tsui, who I recall also wrote the lyrics to Show Luo‘s “Count On Me”. The lyrics were pretty cute, too, so the lyricist deserves a mention. >.<

Obviously the composition was amazing, too — and BY2’s voices sounded great (because it suited their vocal range). The dance for a song, if the song has a dance, is very closely interconnected with the general composition, rhythm, and beat of the song, but I feel like the composers still did an amazing job. I myself found myself swaying along to the music, but as I have zero dance experience I honestly have no idea if the way the song was written and/or arranged limited what the choreographers could come up with.

Clearly BY2 still put a lot of work and effort into this, so we have to appreciate that!



Song? 94%

Music Video? 69%

— moon148


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