[NON_C-POP] Music Review: Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood”

Let me just clarify:

My general impression on this Taylor Swift: A lot of people I know are apparently “Swifties” (the same way I’m a “JM”); however, I’ve heard that she’s gotten some hate as well. She’s a celebrity, okay. That sort of thing is totally normal. Yes, I’ve heard her songs, because they are, well, really, really popular. I don’t recall especially being turned off by one, nor do I recall especially liking one, though when the person you carpool with turns up the Hit FM radio station when it’s not in my car they tend to get played a lot, and, well, get quite annoying.

There was this one post or comment or something I recalled seeing, saying Jay Chou was like Taylor Swift in the sense that while they were both good songwriters, their singing . . . not so much. Can Taylor sing? Can she not? I honestly don’t know. I think, though forgive me for using this phrase, her singing is at least “better than Jay Chou”. At the time, just the thought that Taylor Swift was like Jay Chou seemed, well, hilarious.

Then the media started reporting on G.E.M. Tang as “China’s Taylor Swift”.

Me: LOLOL wut

The reaction I would probably give this is “我呸” :P, which, to be honest, is a rather hypocritical statement in itself in which I cared enough to 1) Bother watching the music video, even when the song was already getting on my nerves, and 2) Post about this on my blog. I know, I know.

To be fair, the first 20 times or so I heard “Bad Blood” in public it really wasn’t that bad. Maybe I secretly thought it was at least sort of catchy, though the rapping (though I rarely ever listen to rap) was sort “ehhhhhhhhhhh”. It wasn’t crappy or anything, but really wasn’t anything special. I will give out a compliment in that Taylor actually has her own voice — that’s right, she has 辨识度 (which is a GOOD THING).

Another thing: did I care for the lyrics? Like, not at all.

The music video, on the other hand . . . was sort of, well, “floppy”. As one who listens to music quite often I really do enjoy watching MVs, but I don’t think I’ve really been missing out on, well, anything by not following American pop. Yes, it was very high-budget, and I guess all those other people who made appearances in “Bad Blood” are all very famous celebrities and everything, but it just didn’t work out all that much. Basically each person had a few seconds of screentime (except Taylor, the rapper, and the antagonist), and each character got a name. But otherwise, what was . . . the point? I mean I GUESS I got the “storyline”, but even so it was even more “ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh” than the song. Even the explosions at the end, seemed, well, sort of lame.


Song? 69%

Music Video? 59%

Finally . . . because I care . . .

Please do not get the wrong idea! 😥

— moon148


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