moon148, another blog?!

Maybe a few people reading might know that I had started this blogging thing on WordPress a few months back with Just A Muse (although, to be fair, it wasn’t that popular or anything). From the blog it likely is apparent that I dig C-entertainment like heck (or at least that turned out to be the topic Just A Muse ended up centering around). Then for a while I just sort of stopped. So, then, why another blog?

It turns out that this happened to be a rather impulsive decision on my part. I’m actually not completely sure as to what Just moon148 will be. As of now I’ve decided this will be more “personal” — but at the same time I’m keen as to not say things like my age, occupation, or whatever because this is the Internet. However, through some of the posts, and I imagine especially some of my fangirling posts on Just A Muse it really isn’t that hard to figure out (Oh boy).

As to the more personal aspect . . . I will be posting more stuff from my actual life rather than just . . . you know. Either that or I will not restrain myself from insistent fangirling, because that is, well, more personal. 😉

Basically, there we be other content (if this works out) but definitely no lack of C-entertainment. Yay!

What about Just A Muse then?

Go. Away.
If I feel up to it I will still post there. It was rather fun, after all.


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