G.E.M. Tang Tsz-kei and her new single “Heartbeat”


Let’s just get straight to the point here: I didn’t like the new song — at all. I still don’t like it.

Don’t get me wrong here — I was, still am, and will still be a G.E.M. fan. Illogical media hate won’t change that.

— G.E.M. 邓紫棋’s 《单行的轨道》 One Way Road MV, Just A Muse

Merely months later and already I am somewhat regretting those words. Like, perhaps it was through that that I jinxed something (way to be a loyal fan).

Was it seriously that bad? It couldn’t have been that bad.

Now G.E.M. was one of the artists I’ve trusted to always come out with good material — like I could count on her, and a few other artists, to come out with good, enjoyable music. As with quite a lot of people, I came to be her fan from Hunan TV’s “I Am A Singer” Season 2 (amazing show, by the way), etc., etc. Through both her performances on “I Am A Singer” and her previous works, I’ve come to been thoroughly impressed at not only her singing/songwriting abilities but also her musical versatility. But for a while she hasn’t been coming out with new songs for AGES — that is, until February 2015, when she released “Long Distance”. A bit later, “One Way Road” followed — if you’d like, you can read up on my opinions on the blog Just A Muse.

Anyhow, “Heartbeat 新的心跳”, which was also the theme song for the variety show she’s currently on, “Amazing Race” , was released a while back . . . and boy was I disappointed. In fact, I never even finished listening to it — by the time the chorus “新的心跳” was playing my head was already hurting SO BAD and I just had to turn it off.

All I can say is: thank goodness I was too lazy to get it on iTunes first. *shakes head*

Why did I think so lowly of this? Because this sort of thing I consider “crappy”. I used to associate it with me being in general more sensitive to louder sounds (similarly A-Mei‘s new songs made my head hurt so bad, but they weren’t as bad). But that didn’t make sense, because I dig the Queen Jolin Tsai‘s music, and it isn’t the quieter type, and my favorite songs include JJ Lin‘s 《X》, A-Lin‘s 《All In》, more recently, Jolin’s 《Medusa》, and, even more recently JJ’s 《Black Keys》– all of which use the louder instrumental. Yet all those songs were special because they had a sort of interesting musicality incorporated — whereas “Heartbeat” was not only plain generic but just utter crap.

Yes, G.E.M. has a powerful voice and everything, but if they pile up all this “instrumental” up against it it’s not going to sound good. Heck, other songs I’ve previously disliked sound GOOD compared to this.

So not only was this happening, but this song just had to get very popular, too, because that’s how popular G.E.M. is now. It’s almost as if her fame is forcing her to create generic beats that have some of the most flat and boring but also easily popular 曲风 now. Also: I thought Lupo was one of the most talented music arrangers/producers in the industry, but it’s apparent now that he can assimilate to the popular tastes. Like, G.E.M. doesn’t even need to try and create good music anymore because even if her stuff is sh*t people will still go listen to it anyway.

I’ve also decided that I’m not purchasing her latest album.

It’s funny how just a few months before, if someone did a negative post on G.E.M. Tang I would’ve immediately replied, perhaps even flagged their comment as inappropriate — that is, defend our goddess, so to speak. Yet now I look at all these people who say they like “Heartbeat” with derision because they just seem all . . . brainwashed. Do they just support G.E.M.? What ARE their standards?

I guess I should’ve caught the warning when I wasn’t particularly impressed with “Long Distance” (I mean it was OKAY) but that also rose up the charts like crazy. In general, I tend to have a different taste from the mass populace, even if I only know the more popular Chinese (Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Singaporean, Malaysian) singers.

The Music Video

You hypocrite! voices screech. You JUST called the song “sh*t” and you still went and watched the music video?!

I mean, I was still curious . . .?

For the first time ever, I watched a music video in mute — that is, like a silent movie, I suppose. Didn’t really bother to pause the video for anything, but it was rather cute, I guess. It’s just a pity, though, that the song . . . sucked.

Fans called her new single “inspirational”, so at the very least, the music video fit the description. It’s a nice storyline, though still overly cliche.

My complaint toward the music video is: why so “American”?

This is just strange, especially since I’m technically “American”. But just viewing the music video, the fact that it was one of those cliche “American” high school settings just bothered me. Is G.E.M. trying to really break into American pop music? Sorry, but that’s probably not the best move — if she really wanted to get well-known here in the Western world, she should probably be exploiting some 中国风 (traditional Chinese style of music) right now to not only amaze fans in China but get on a more international level.

. . . Either that, or songs like “Heartbeat” are actually what people like to listen to, and I’ve just been clueless the whole time.


Song? 17%

Music Video? 71%


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