BY2: COMEBACK to 《当时的我们》Back in the Days


So twins Yumi and Miko, who make up the duo BY2, have been quite busy these days with releases from their sixth studio album. That’s right — though it’s been 7 years since their debut, they’re already putting out their sixth album now.

One thing BY2 has been quite notorious for is the amount of plastic surgery they get. Is it really necessary that they get new additions on their faces every year (or for every album promotion)? Apparently . . .

What did you think?

The Song

. . . sounded pretty good. While I still find both Yumi and Miko Bai’s voices to be on the more thin, wispy side, at the very least, they tend to get good songwriters and producers (plus this album features a song they’ve written themselves!). It was rather catchy, and I quickly found myself humming along. The lyrics fit quite well, too, along with the nostalgic theme, and the instrumental actually evoked a sense of familiarity. Props to the lyricist Yvonne Lin for actually managing to not ruin the song with some overtly messed up line to what was otherwise a beautifully written composition (I’m looking at what you’ve done to some of my bias’ songs . . .*coughs*).

当时我们以为 青春很长

Back in the days we thought youth was long

让倔强决定 我们的散场

Let stubbornness decide our break-up

赌气的 像个傻瓜

Rashly like a fool

都等着对方 先开口说话

All waiting for the opposite party to first speak up

Now there’s nothing especially special about the lyrics — and the language barrier doesn’t really help that — but in the end it fit the song.

当时我们如果 努力相爱

Back in the days if we tried hard to love

会不会 不一样

Would it be different?

心中 的遗憾 却又放开 你

The regret within the hearts Yet I’ve let go of you

不如停在 回忆里的空白

I’d rather stop in the blank memories

And so on, and so forth . . .

Yet as always, well done, BY2!

The Music Video

This, my friends, is where the WTF factor comes into play. I’ve seen some pretty good BY2 music videos — I especially recommend 《你并不懂我》 You Don’t Know Me, though the dance vids are the ones where Yumi and Miko are truly in their element.

However, this one . . . sort of reflected on the financial situation of OceanButterflies (BY2’s management), which is, to say, not very stable. Clearly, JJ Lin made the right decision not renewing the contract and instead moving to Warner Music, so now the whole company pretty much lives off of the money BY2 makes. And, okay, I guess, Leo Ku, too.

Aside from not being all that high budget (Warner’s been spoiling me, I know), what the heck was the plot? Like there was one, but I was too discombobulated. Although I suppose director 黄中平 was given no choice, because if the music video had a normal plot and things progressed normally, like 95% of my attention would be on Yumi and Miko’s beautiful (TOTALLY NATURAL) new nose jobs. Ermmm  . . . no.

Don’t even question it.

(I got that the dude “their past love” fell for both Yumi and Miko, and he didn’t want to break their hearts, but oh, geez . . .)


Song? 79%

Music Video? 71%

I still secretly enjoyed this.



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